Limitations of Free Online Software and Apps as Translation Tools

Unlike in the past times when one had to contact piles of books from different languages to get a translation of a single word, today technology has made life easy with the translator apps and software. The most common of these are Google translate, Microsoft translator app, iTranslate from apple, android translator app to mention but a few. Online translating apps have played an important role in providing free and fast translation services to their clients. These translating apps and software have a number of plus points which will leave every one with no choice but to opt for them. “Free” is the word that would entice any one to […]

How The Reading Culture Can Get You A Translation/Interpretation Career

Our fore fathers or the generations before us had a far better reading culture than what we have today. Teachers or parents would require a child or young adult to read two books at most in a week and the latter would be expected to hand in a hand written review at the end of the week. This was seen by the young people then as a punishment but it actually rendered them more responsible and thus prepared tem to be more responsible citizens in the future. How responsible you ask?  By then a young adult had to make sure they read a material well enough so as to give […]

Languages and Gambling

Let’s add gambling to the list of international or global languages that are there. The ever growing list of unofficial international languages includes love, music, sand tears to mention but a few. In fact there are cities and places around the world synonymous with gambling. Vegas comes in number one when it comes to places with hundreds of casinos that run almost for 24 years. In Vegas people are involved in gambling without any limits whatsoever. While some come out filthy rich after hitting a couple of jackpots, there are those who leave Vegas financially ruined after losing out. We see people leaving their home countries to permanently stay in […]