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About  Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa with it’s capital and largest city being Freetown, Other major cities include Kenema, Makeni and Koidu Town. The country is bordered by Guinea to the northeast, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest. Sierra Leone is composed several ethnic groups speaking different languages. However, the most influential and the predominant ones are the Temme and the Mende. other ethnic groups include Limba, Kono, Krio, Madingo,Loko, among others

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Major languages spoken in Sierra Leone

English is recognised as the official language but the Krio language is the  primary language for communication among Sierra Leone’s different ethnic groups especially in their trade and interaction with each other. Other languages are the Teme and Mende languages.

The economy of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has relied on mining, especially diamonds, for its economic base. It is also among the largest producers of titanium and bauxite, a major producer of gold, and has one of the world’s largest deposits of rutile.  Other  sectors that contribute to its GDP include Agriculture, trade and tourism, services, manufacturing, construction, electricity and water.

Krio translation services

Our translation agency provides a complete range of Krio translation services to our worldwide customers. We have highly qualified and professional translators who can translate Krio to English and vice versa, they can also translate Krio to any other language of your choice

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