Tourism Translation Services

KL Translations provides high-quality and cost efficient tourism translation and the leisure industry. The tourism and leisure industry aims at reaching customers worldwide. This is why KL Translations is proud to offer translation services in more than 100 languages, including into and from English. We provide documents translations services, from brochures and guidebooks to hotel directories and travel websites.

Our translation company offers the following tourism translation services:

  • Brochure & flyer translation Guidebooks guide translation
  • Travel promotion translation Product description translation
  • Exhibition guide translation Hotel directory translation
  • Event marketing translation Casino gaming translation

Tourism Translation Expertise

Our translation agency only resorts to native translators that have an in-depth knowledge of the travel and leisure industry and are familiar with the local market targeted. Our linguists have a flair for writing creative copy and their output will be tailored to your target audience, from one-page brochures to extensive corporate websites. KL Translations is a reliable provider of translation services to all type of travel and leisure companies.

We work with:

  • Luxury cruise firms Major hotel chains
  • Car rental firms Travel agents
  • Travel companies Accommodation bookers
  • Airlines Event organising firms
  • Railway companies Theme park operators
  • Tourism Translation in London

To improve the services offered to non-English speaking tourists, the local authorities and travel companies provide multilingual versions of guides and leaflet about local services and facilities. Our company has the capability to deliver multilingual tourism translations. Whatever the language, our translators and interpreters are ready to assist you.

Tourism Translation Quality

KL Translations delivers high-quality tourism translations on time and within budget. This explains our strict project management procedures. On top of the multiple check-ups carried out by our managers, every project is proofread after the translation phase. We are not only able to translate your marketing material into almost any language, we also adapt your message to local markets.

Our tourism translation include:

We’re Ready to Translate, Transcribe, and Localize Your Next Project