Are you looking for perfect engineering translation services? We are here to help. Not just anyone can carry out accurate engineering translation because they would be baffled by the terms. Here at KL Translations, we know what capacitive crosstalk is, or how to explain a root-mean-square. This is because our engineering translators have electrical, industrial, civil and other specialized backgrounds so you get the technical expertise to understand and translate. Need an agricultural engineering report translated? We will do any engineering translation for you.

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Professional Engineers Translate Your Engineering Documents

Because you need to make sure that your report, patent or proposal is understood no matter what language your target market speaks. You need someone who can not only speak a language but someone who also has experience in the engineering field and understands your business proposals to the fullest. At KL Translations, you are guaranteed top-notch engineering translations at quick turnaround times with great customer service.

Engineering translation in over 100 languages:

Engineering companies are in constant evolution to deliver the most sophisticated products and to surpass their competitors. To sell their products worldwide, these companies need to translate their catalogues and manuals to several languages. Our teams work with more than 100 languages, including:

Engineering companies can translate this with us:
  • Technical drawings, patents and reports
  • Operation manuals
  • Assembly guides
  • Plans and blueprints
  • Engineering specifications
  • Safety manuals
  • Request for proposals
  • Research papers and findings

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