Equal Opportunities

KL Translations Ltd gives equal opportunities to all of its employees. All current and potential employees/suppliers are chosen to work with us without any discrimination on any grounds. We promote equal opportunities in communities and do not tolerate any type of discrimination.

We do not discriminate against someone based on their sex, sexual orientation, marriage status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, or because of a disability, pregnancy or being part of a trade union. We give the same importance to the part time worker’s.

We give equal opportunity to the people of all legally allowed working ages. It is unlawful to discriminate against a person because of his/her age with respect to any term.

Disabled people who can work are being helped back to work and offered the same opportunities as able-bodied people and economic globalization of business has meant that managers must be aware of cultural and race issues. If the disable person is qualified he or she can get equal opportunities.

At KL Translations Ltd we do not deny any person because of his/her racial group or perceived racial group, his/her race-linked characteristics (e.g., hair texture, color, facial features), or because of his/her marriage to or association with someone of a particular race or color. If any person attacks other employee in racism case he/she will be taken under strict punishment. We give same job requirements uniformly and consistently persons of all races and colors.

We treat all employees of different religion in the same way. If any person found to refuse to hire individuals of a certain religion, impose stricter promotion requirements for persons of a certain religion, or to impose more or different work requirements on an employee because of that employee’s religious beliefs or practices; he/she will be taken under strict law.

It is unlawful to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of his/her sex in regard to hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, job training, or any other term, condition, or privilege of employment. We give women the same opportunities as men.

As the employer, we are liable for any discriminatory action brought about by our any employee.
And an individual can take us to an employment tribunal even if they’re not an employee – if they think they weren’t given a job because of discriminatory practices, or if any employee think they are discriminated.

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