Swahili Subtitling Service

KL Translations has significant experience in delivering Swahili Subtitling Service. Our Swahili subtitles can be open, closed, or if necessary translated into the language, whether it is for DVD/Blu-ray, television broadcasts or online video content. Our subtitling services come in over 100 languages worldwide. Our Company also provides Transcription Services such as; interview transcription, legal transcription, conference transcriptionmedical transcription among others

Swahili Subtitling Service in Any Format

Our numerous Swahili subtitling service solutions cover Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, fab, sst, flv, etc, srt, sub and stl in among other formats for any media source.

Clients usually send us a DVD or email us a digital video file showing what it is they would like subtitled. We then construct a new version with Sudanese subtitles included to the wishes of the client. When appropriate we provide a secure file transfer service that uses the very latest encryption techniques when sending and receiving.

Swahili quality  subtitles

KL Translations guarantees subtitles bound with innovativeness to deliver  high technical  prevailing smart automated processes that are compatible with popular  authoring systems.

Swahili Subtitling Service Project Management

The process of employing subtitling professionals for the KL Translations‘ subtitling network always see that they have a relevant degree and five years experience in subtitling. All projects needing linguistic expertise are done in collaboration with native-speaking Swahili translators. Scripts are then proofread by equally experienced editors before being set to work on by subtitling professionals who handle the technical side. A project manager will coordinate everything before the project is returned to clients, who are given the option of staying in touch with the project manager for the duration of the project.

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