Spanish Subtitling Services

KL Translations provides a wide range of Spanish Subtitling Services. We produce both open and closed Spanish subtitles as well as translate subtitles from English to Spanish. These can be for DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, television broadcasts and Internet video content.Our agency is global serving, with options  that closely match with your specifications and within your budget.

Spanish Subtitling Services In All Formats

We produce or translate subtitles for all media sources in any format, including Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, using srt, sub, stl, fab and sst.

Normal procedure is that our clients send us a DVD or email us a video file from which we create a new copy with Spanish subtitles added. Rest assured that we adhere to strict data protection policies when performing online file transfers by using the latest encryption techniques when sending and receiving.

Quality Spanish Subtitling Services

We micromanage all subtitling constraints especially of time intervals between speech, using the most advanced technology and deliver to the satisfaction of your target audience.Our subtitling team is made of diverse specialists who are conversant  conversant with respective topics like  media, marketing, educational, medical, Legal. Each of them is allocated to a file  of their native tongue in which they bring out all cultural nuances in videos.

Our other Subtitling services include;

  • Arabic subtitling
  • Cantonese subtitling
  • Bengali subtitling
  • Chinese subtitling
  • Czech subtitling
  • Danish subtitling
  • Dutch subtitling
  • English subtitling
  • French Subtitling

Reliable Spanish Subtitling Services Project Management

Our strict criteria for selecting subtitling professionals ensures that they are at minimum, degree-educated in the related field and have five years experience or more. All projects involving translation are done using native-speaking Spanish translators from our translation network. Scripts are meticulously proofread before being passed to subtitling professionals, and a project manager will coordinate the entire project while being on hand to liaise with clients throughout the process.

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