Russian Subtitling Services

KL Translations provides a broad range of Russian Subtitling Services. We produce open and closed Russian subtitles in addition to translating subtitles into Russian. These can be for DVD/Blu-ray authoring systems, television broadcasting and online video content.Our  subtitling team can handle  over 100 languages across the globe.

Russian Subtitling Services in all formats

Our subtitles are suitable for all media sources whatever the format, be it Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, fab, sst, flv, etc, srt, sub or stl and compatible with the modern authoring systems like Adobe, sonic systems, Apple sony, Panasonic, Spruce and more.

Usual procedure is for clients to provide us with a DVD or video file to work from, and then we master a new copy with Russian subtitles included. Without fail we follow data protection guidelines when doing online file transfers by using up-to-date encryption techniques when sending and receiving files

About Russian language.

Russian is an East Slavic language and belongs to the family of Indo-European languages.It has an official status in Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.It is also widely spoken  in countries that were once constituent republics of the Soviet Union.It is one of the six languages of the European  Union and Europe’s largest native language with 144 million speakers.

High Quality Russian Subtitling Services

The criteria the KL Translations subtitling network employs for recruiting subtitling professionals ensures that they are degree-educated with five years experience minimum. All projects in which there are linguistic obstacles are done using native Russian translators from our translation network. Scripts are carefully proofread prior to being passed to subtitling professionals handling the technical side, and a project manager will oversee the entire project before it is returned to clients in quick time.

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