Norwegian Subtitling Services

KL translations Ltd provides high-quality Norwegian Subtitling Services. Whether it’s open or closed Norwegian subtitles or subtitles translated into Norwegian, we can master them for multiple purposes including online video content, DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, and television broadcasting.

Flexible with Formats of Norwegian subtitling services

KL translations’ Norwegian subtitling solutions can be made to fit every media source and format – Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, srt, sub, stl, fab and sst being the ones we usually deal with.

First our clients normally send us a DVD or a digital video file by email. This is what our subtitling experts work with to create a new copy fully complete with Norwegian subtitles. We understand how much our clients value security, thus when doing online file transfers we always use the latest encryption techniques.

The outstanding features of Norwegian  subtitling services

Our  translation agency offers Norwegian   subtitling services that have the following features;

  • High-quality and professional Norwegian   subtitling services
  • Quick response to client requests
  • Confidentiality of the clients’ information is highly protected
  • Excellent customer care throughout the subtitling process
  • Subtitling services processed by  the Norwegian   native speaking translators
  • Quick turnarounds subtitling services offered
  • Excellent project management
  • Competitively priced Norwegian   subtitling services

Get our Norwegian Subtitling services today including;

Organised Norwegian Subtitling Project Management

Our international subtitling network is made up of professionals with a minimum of five years in subtitling. All projects in which translation is involved see at least one of our Norwegian linguists from the equally extensive KL translations network allocated. Before being submitted to professionals who deal with the technical aspects of subtitling, scripts are gone over by Norwegian proofreaders. A project manager will coordinate all the various stages prior to seeing the project returned to clients at a time suited to them.

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