Hindi Subtitling Services

KL Translations provides an extensive selection of Hindi Subtitling Services. Our main areas of focus are on delivering subtitles in open and closed formats and translating subtitles from one language to another. These can be for DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, television broadcasts or online video content.

Hindi Subtitling Services In Any Format or Media Source 

KL Translations Ltd’s Hindi subtitling services are applicable to any format or media source. Popular formats include Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc, srt, sub, stl, fab and sst. Our Hindi subtitles are attuned with the major authoring systems like Adobe, Apple, sonic systems, Spruce, Panasonic, sony and more.

From a DVD or video file that clients send us we create a new copy complete with Hindi subtitles. We prioritize security, so all files sent and received are protected by an encrypted file transfer service.

About Hindi Language

It is spoken by 258,000,000 people in India and 269 333 620 in all countries.It is widespread in North India.It has an official status in India.Hindi language developments have been the Bible 1818-2000.Hindi also has  a provincial language in Bihar state and other 12 jurisdictions and is taught in many schools. Lately, more computer software and websites have been built in Hindi.

High-Quality Hindi Subtitling Services

The KL Translations subtitling network consists of subtitling professionals with at least five years experience and a relevant degree. Every script is meticulously proofread by a Hindi native-speaker before being transferred to professionals who deal with the technical side of subtitling. A project manager oversees the entire assignment from London and liaises with clients throughout. we also offer Translation Services such as;  Financial translationmarketing translation, website translation among others

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