KL Translations provides professional translation services for  industry in over 100 languages. We understand that each project is different and requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and corresponding terminology.

Our specialized translation services for industry include:

Book Translation Services

We offer diverse language solutions for the publishing industry including the translation of books, magazines, newspapers, academic journals, novels, and yearbooks.

Scientific Translation Services

KL Translations’ specialized approach to scientific translation has been widely recognized within the life sciences industry. We cover diverse fields such as chemistry, biology and more.

Media Translation Services

We offer highly specialized media translations for TV channels, radios and mass media companies in general. Our translators possess solid knowledge of the industry.

Online Casino Gambling Translation

We provide top quality translations for the online gambling industry and online casinos. We translate and localise websites, software, marketing material and industry news.

Education Translation Services

If you need to translate any type education documents, we are here to help you. We translate training material, textbooks, prospectuses, and e-learning programs in various formats.

Game Translation Services

The computer and video gaming are booming industries all over the world. The increasing number of international markets has risen the demand for game translation services.

Tourism Translation Services

We are experts offering high-quality and cost efficient tourism translations and leisure industry. We translate brochures, hotel directories, travel websites and more.
Manufacturing Translation Services

Manufacturers need the support of a reliable translation service in order position their products in the global marketplace. We offer translations in all major languages.

Automotive Translation Services

Conscious of the commercial value of communications linked to this industry, our translators can deal with any type of technical automotive documents to a high-quality standard.

Energy Translation Services

Are you in need of high-quality translation services? KL Translations provides translations for every area of the energy industry, including oil, gas, mining and renewable energies.

Retail Translation Services

We offer a variety of professional translations for the retail industry. From instruction manuals to customized packaging, we help our consumer-oriented clients to update the entire process.

Telecommunication Translation

Our team is experienced in translating software interfaces for mobile telephony, mini-sites of specific cell phone models, user guides, and manuals, troubleshooting guides etc.

For high-quality translation services for industry, email us at sales@kltranslations.com