KL Translations provides top quality online casino translation services for the online gambling industry and online casinos in the UK, Europe, USA and the globe. We translate and localize gambling websites, software, marketing material and any type of documents into all major languages.

Online Casino Translation

Online casino translation and gambling activities have become a very profitable business that continues to grow in spite of the economic crisis and new regulations. The United States current ban on online gambling has led to many companies penetrating new markets such as Asia and South America. Around 70% of the market for online gambling and gaming is non-English speaking. During last year, Asian countries such as Cambodia and Singapore have turned to this industry that is growing at an annual compound rate of 10.9%. This situation has led to an increase in the demand for gambling translation by companies that want to reach foreign markets.

KL Translations is well prepared to deliver a first class casino and gambling translations to our business clients around the world. We have experience in dealing with all aspects of gambling translation services.

Multilingual Online Casino Translation

Our multilingual solutions for the Online Gambling industry include:

  •  Casino Website Translation
  •  Betting Website Translation
  •  Betting and Gambling Guides Translation
  •  Software Translation
  •  Bingo Website Translation

We also offer website translation solutions for static, dynamic and data driven websites. Our services include website translation support and content updating tailored to your needs.

Online Casino Website Translation

To get success in international markets, you need to speak your audience’s language and ensure that your website is culturally suitable to the target markets. KL Translations provides comprehensive casino website translation and localization services. Our professional casino translators have a deep understanding of the gambling terminology that, alongside their knowledge of the local cultures is an asset to deliver flawless translations.

Casino Translation

Translating your website is just one step towards successful business internationalization. To be able to target markets that don’t speak your language, you might also require translating marketing strategies and documents. Our translation agency offers a wide range of marketing translations for the Online Gambling industry.

We translate:

  •  Casino/ Gaming Marketing Articles
  •  Gambling Tournament News
  •  Online casino translation Gambling Guides
  •  Promotional Material
  •  Industry News
  •  Marketing Plans and Analysis
Online Casino Translation Expertise

KL Translations has a selected team of professional translators with in-depth knowledge of the gambling terminology and experience delivering first class casino translation services to companies based in Europe, Asia and South America. Their understanding of the target locale is the foundation to produce gambling translations that comply with the cultural and linguistic standards of the target language.

Popular online casino languages include:-

  • French casino gambling translation
  • Italian casino gambling translation
  • Spanish casino gambling translation
  • Portuguese casino gambling translation
  • Turkish casino gamblingtranslation
  • German casino gambling translation
  • We cover over 100 languages, 24/7.