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Do you need GDPR and what’s the GDPR commotion all about?

On the 25th of May, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. This EU regulation is meant to give users great control over their data. Such that, any organization inside or outside the EU that processes personal data of EU residents, – has to implement a strict procedure for data protection and processing. This is important especially when it comes to both personal data and sensitive personal data. In simple terms, personal data is every piece of information that allows you to identify a natural person, be it a name, an image; Sensitive personal data for instance, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, etc.

Get some tips for GDPR compliance

Here are few practical considerations for a more systematic approach to data security.

Budget allocation

The best approach is to allocate that 4% for the implementation of practices and tools that will make your company GDPR. Instead of it being paid to compensate for not being GDPR compliant.


Companies should set up a step-by-step procedure. Start by identifying all data created and owned, whenever it might be stored. Mark user-identifiable data. The regulation is clear about explicit consent. Therefore, prepare new forms to obtain consent from those whose data is already in your possession as well as from those whose data will be collected in the future.


There are tools that can help you with some steps, like automated data discovery process or data flow, and the GDPR will lead to the development of new technologies for a more complex data management. But for the time being you’ll have to strike a balance between automated and manual processes because, in some cases, unstructured data may not be stored on computers or in databases-it could even come in the shape of hand-written notes, paper files, etc.


This is a particularly sensitive aspect. The GDPR requires also staff training. Depending on the size of the company, there may be different solutions: online or in-personal course, training manuals and/or documentation. In any case, you must ensure that your staff has been trained. Therefore, letting anxiety take over doesn’t help, so it is essential to take stock of the situation, identify the necessary measures and plan their implementation.

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