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Why should you require Hindu language GDPR translation services?

GDPR implementation has provided both challenges and opportunities for companies. Although there are wholesale changes throughout business, the benefits are almost certainly worthwhile.

Customers should certainly be in better position under the new regulations. They should have increased rights, be able to understand the language used in documentation relating to their personal data more clearly, and hopefully be reassured that their data will be more safely stored by the companies managing it.

Consider a list of the most significant changes as per the new GDPR law:

  • Personal data definition is made broader now!

Besides the name, contacts, financial and medical information personal data definition includes IP addresses.

  • User consent became trickier:

Your business should have a lawful reason to get and store personal data. You should receive separate permissions for every data processing move you plan.

  • Data subjects’ rights became broader:

Ensure the functionality to erase user data or transfer it to other services upon request. Users may also request corrections and detailed information on the ways their information is used. This calls for translation services for effective communication with your users.

  • Data processing documentation is also necessary now:

Your company needs to keep detailed records of the time the user consent was obtained, its wording, the safety procedures in place and reports on all processing activities.

  • Data breaches must be reported within 72 hours:

You need to monitor data security and communicate even the minor violations to the national data protection regulator or the user.

Therefore, for your Hindu stakeholders, customers and due to the above necessary changes, it becomes vital for you to translate your GDPR compliant privacy and cookie policies into your customers and stakeholders’ native language. Hindu language GDPR translations will aid in clearing your general data protection regulation path.

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