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GDPR translation supply chain compliance

With the introduction of GDPR, as a data controller, you need to ensure that any suppliers who handle personal identification information (PII) – whether they are service providers or technology providers are compliant with the GDPR. Failure to do so means that you are ultimately liable.

The translation supply chain is a potential minefield when it comes to GDPR as stated,

You need to be sure that your:

  • Translation providers are using a secure system for sending content for translation.
  • Translation providers have sufficient documentation in place to guarantee that freelance translators and subcontractors are also compliant with the GDPR
  • Translation providers (and their subcontractors) are not using free machine translation engines to process your information.

French language GDPR translation services-should you be translating your GDPR policies?

Thinking of your stakeholders, employees and customers who don’t speak English as the first language! We recommend that you consider translating your GDPR documents for clear communications about the importance of data protection and the requirements of the new GDPR regulation.

Since the new data protection regulations are in force now, it is necessary for you to translate documents for your international workforce, so that they have a full understanding of what is expected of them regarding data protection and use of data.

Professional translation services are always recommended for this type of documentations. Legally binding documents need to be clear and accurate.

KL Translations Company offers fast turnaround, as ideally, these documents will need to be in place instantly. We understand your needs and have the experience and knowledge to fulfill your requirements. Our extensive experience and consultative approach sets us apart from other translation service providers. So give it a try with the KL Translations experts.

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