Chinese language GDPR translation services offer at KL translations Company! The issue of protecting customers’ information is rarely out of the headlines. Several major companies worldwide have suffered data breaches with some forced to pay out huge sums in compensation, highlighting the increased risk that companies face when storing personal data of their clients.

The safety of personal data is of major concern to companies. A strict new regulation is already into force that tightens up the way that companies have to look at their customer’s personal data. As agreed in April 2016, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the EU regulation on data protection. And it was enforced on 25th May 2018. The GDPR aim is to protect the rights of EU citizens in relation to data protection and to simplify compliance for organisations managing the personal data of EU citizens. Get your Chinese language GDPR translation services quote right away.

Chinese language GDPR translations required – Who is affected by the new GDPR rule?

GDPR affect most businesses. If your company has any customers within the EU, then GDPR rules apply to how you store, process or share EU citizens’ personal data. You need to be aware that high fines apply for transgressors: up to 4% of your annual turnover. This is also likely to be true for post-Brexit UK, which will almost certainly need to abide by EU regulations too.

You’ll find that you have many administrative requirements for handling the data of EU citizens under GDPR. For instance, you need to respond to subject access requests within 40 days. That means if a person asks to see all the information that you hold about them! Then, you will need to get back to them with copies of all their personal data and any information about the sources of the data within 40 calendar days.

People also have the right to data portability. Thus, you need to fulfill customer requirements to be able to move, copy or transfer their data easily from one database, storage or IT environment to another.

Therefore, for your Chinese stakeholders, customers! It is vital for you to translate your GDPR compliant privacy and cookie policies into your customers and stakeholders’ native language. As this with ease communication between you and your clients. Chinese language GDPR translations will aid in clearing your general data protection regulation path.

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