Paint the town with KL’s Arabic language GDPR translation services? Get your free quote right away by getting in touch with us here. You could be forgiven for thinking that Europe’s GDPR is a law created to fill your inbox with warnings from every company you have ever interacted with online that “the privacy policy has changed” and please to “just click here to keep in touch”.

But GDPR is far more than just an inbox obstructer. The regulation, finally came into effect on the 25th May 2018, and was set to force sweeping changes in everything from technology to advertising, and medicine to banking. And so with that in mind, why would you lag behind! At KL Translations, we can help you out with our Arabic language GDPR translation services. Get find out more about our Arabic language translation services!

What is GDPR?

This GDPR law is a replacement for the 1995 Data Protection Directive (DPD). The DPD had until 25th May 2018, set the minimum standards for processing data in the EU. GDPR is now presented to significantly strengthen a number of rights! For instance, individuals find themselves with more power to demand companies to reveal or delete the personal data they hold; regulators are able to work in concert across the EU for the first time, rather than having to launch separate actions in each jurisdiction; and their enforcement actions will have real teeth, with the maximum fine now reaching the higher of 20m euros or 4% of the company’s global turnover.

Why should you require Arabic language GDPR translation services?

It is important to create engaging and memorable compliance training content! You need to explore how you can get this message across effectively to your native English speaking employees in the UK. For instance by working with an e-learning provider to develop engaging and memorable compliance training content.

And you need to get a clear understanding of how GDPR affects your global workforce, and how to get this message across to them.

In my view, this requires a tailored approach to translating and localizing e-learning and compliance content. As that will help to convey your message effectively. The content should first be reviewed to understand how relevant it is to employees in different countries, and then translated in an engaging, memorable, and even fun way.

Why opt for KL translations for Arabic language GDPR translation services?

Our experience and knowledge in the translation of compliance content, means we have the right translators ready to translate your key GDPR messages to your global staff. At KL translations, we understand your needs and our extensive experience and consultative approach sets us apart from other translation service providers. And so, we make the best GDPR translations partners for you.

Let us simplify work for you through Arabic language GDPR translation services!

Get yourself a quote, get in touch with us and get a clear path through your GDPR journey today.