KL Translations provides business contracts translation services in over 100 languages. Our translators have the experience and knowledge to deal with any type of legal document translation. We are a certified translation provider that follow the guidelines of ISO9001 and well-executed project management to not only provide you with a finished project but also make sure that all translations are completely accurate. Contracts and agreements translations are essential for businesses that want to internationalize their operations. All of our contracts translations are guaranteed to comply with local and international business regulatory bodies standards.

Multilingual contracts translation services

KL Translations can arrange contracts translation services for any language combination, as well as translating all supporting documentation required by the court. All you need to do is send us your original contracts we will carry out the translation and provide the authenticating affidavit.

We provide our contracts translation services in 120 languages such as;

  •  Spanish contracts translation
  •  French contracts translation
  •  Russian contracts translation
  •  Urdu contracts translation
  •  Chinese contracts translation
  • and etc

Competitive contracts translation services

KL Translations offers cost-effective contract translations that can be delivered within 24 and 48 hours. Accompanying the translation we can provide a Translation Declaration stating that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the source document and has been carried out by a professionally qualified linguist. We remain as a leading translation provider for contracts translation services because we offer the competitive  translation rates possible without compromising on quality.

Our translation agency provides contracts translation services for clients in the UK, the US and overseas.

Certified legal documents translation

In addition to our contracts translation service, we offer affordable certified translation for an array of documents such as:

• Birth Certificates
• Divorce Decrees
• Academic Certificates
• Powers of Attorney
• Insurance Policies

Our contracts translation services are  available at short notice and we are able to provide you with the expertise of highly qualified professional translators.

Professional legal translators

Our legal translators are certified experts in translation and they are extremely careful in providing all of the elements that are required such as signature, seal, and stamp references in order for your translation to be accepted by official authorities.

Our legal translators have a solid knowledge of the legal terminology; specific legal systems and comparative law so you can rest assure that your contracts translation will be performed to the highest standards and delivered within your deadline.

Get your contract translation now!

Email us a scanned copy of the contracts to sales@kltranslations.com. We accept payment by credit or debit card, PayPal, cheque, bank transfer. Getting your contracts translated is easy and the completed certified translations can be delivered to your doorstep via mail or electronically.