KL Translations offers highly accurate life sciences translation in all the main languages. We are a leading provider of professional translation services for the life science industry.

The globalization of the pharmaceutical services, health and food processing industry has led to an increase in the demand for translation services related to medical equipment, medical research, veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals and human medicines. KL Translations‘ life science translation complies with international regulatory language requirements.

professional Scientific Translation Services

Our translation agency has experience in dealing with all aspects of life sciences translation

We provide translations in the following fields:

  • Biotech Medical Devices
  • Chemistry Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture & Agronomy Biology
  • Veterinary Genetic engineering
  • Food Processing Physics
  • Healthcare Earth Sciences

Life Sciences Translation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Applications for approval of new drugs are submitted on a daily basis in various foreign countries. It is essential for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies doing business globally to have a reliable translation provider such as KL Translations. We will help you to connect to such foreign countries by connecting you through the art of language. Our multilingual Project Managers also have years of experience delivering high quality and sensitive projects on time and within budget for global pharmacy and biotechnology firms.

The documents we translate include:

  • Scientific reports Doctor and Patient Guides
  • Case Report Forms Patient Questionnaires
  • Drug Inserts Drug Study Labels
  • Written drug manufacturing approval Medical equipment catalogues
  • Veterinary reports Treatment manuals
  • Scientific Translators

KL Translations ‘s specialized approach to Life scientific translation has been widely recognized within the life sciences industry. We have over 5000 professional certified translators with expertise in different fields including medical science, pharmaceutical science, chemistry, biology, and life science. All of our translators are native speakers of the languages they translate and have a proven track record of translating this highly sensitive content. Our scientific translations are executed by real experts.

Scientific Translation Quality

Scientific translations require total accuracy and precision. We follow the guidelines of ISO9001 and have implemented strict quality assurance procedures to ensure flawless scientific translations. All translations remain confidential.

Multilingual Life Sciences Translation

Our life sciences translation cover all the languages including German translation, Japanese translation, French translations and Latin translations.

You can rely on us. Alongside our first class translation service, we provide interpreting services and a wide range of business translations.