KL Translations’s professional translation services include website localization services of software and web-based information in different languages in order to fit a target culture or language. Our website localization is an addition to our well-recognized website translation services and it involves changes in the whole design of the web page including colours, pictures, symbols and navigation.

In many cases, the sole language translation is not enough to make a website culturally suitable to the international markets. It is necessary to adapt the whole website to the local audience in order to attract the attention of prospective customers and to compete effectively with the local businesses. A successful website localization process requires a deep evaluation of the target culture. Do they rely more on images or concepts? Which cultural meanings are attached to different colours? Are there images that could be offensive?

Website localization services involve several factors such as:

  •  Language
  •  Images and symbols
  •  Colour and layout
  •  Navigation
  •  Software localization
  • Language Localization

When translating web pages into other languages, it is advisable to analyse the different language varieties in order to find the most suitable to the target audience. If you are targeting all Spanish speakers, it is advisable to use Standard Spanish, but if you want to target a specific country, you should use a language and style that is appropriate to that specific country/culture. In this way, your prospective customers will notice that you understand their culture and language for them to be confident enough to do business with you. Other websites translation services handled by KL Translations include;

Images and Symbols in Website Localization

The meaning of images and symbols varies amongst different countries. Choosing a wrong symbol in your website or logo can be disastrous for your marketing strategy. There are many symbols that have negative connotations for certain cultures and can even be offensive to some segments of the population. By using only native translators and d web designers, we ensure that the people working on your website localization project have the cultural background and knowledge to choose the most suitable images.

Colour and Layout in Website Localization Services

Green/blue backgrounds, in conjunction with black/white text, have proven to be the most popular and universally liked colors for internet users. But similarly to the images, the perception that viewers have with certain a color depends on their cultural background. Asian cultures appreciate more colour, imagery, interactivity while westerners instead favour minimalism and straightforward information.

Navigation in Website Localization Services

Some languages such as Arabic are written from right to left. Other such as Chinese, Korean and traditional Japanese (tategaki) are written from top to bottom. Due to the fact that different languages have different structure and logic, the navigation strategy should be appropriate to the specific language’s logic.

In-country Domain Name

Getting an in-country domain name for country-specific versions of your website will improve your rankings on Google’s country-specific search engines. Additionally, these domains should be hosted on a server of the target country.

Software Localization

Adapting the software and user interface to suit to the cultural, linguistic and regulatory needs of international customers will give your business a strategic advantage. KL Translations‘ software localization services ensure that your software is customized to the specific target locale.

Website Localization Services Expertise

Our translators, graphic designers and website designers are very aware of the different cultural standards across the countries. Their knowledge of the cultures involved allows us to deliver a website localization services suitable to the target locale. Each website localization project goes under strict quality assurance procedures to ensure that the website works with all browsers and local operating systems.