KL Translations offers a wide range of specialized and professional Chinese translation across the world at competitive prices. For English-speaking companies that would like to attract more global customers, translating a website into the Chinese language is highly recommended. KL Translation can deliver on your requirements for English to Chinese website translation. With considerable expertise and a professional enthusiasm about preparing your online presence for the future, we are the first choice for businesses that see English to Chinese website translation as a means of reaching their full potential.

Why Translate Your Website into Chinese?

With our stringent dedication to quality, choosing KL Translations as your English to Chinese website translators can be a great investment. We are happy to translate your English website into any mainstream Chinese dialect you require.

To increase website traffic

Chinese is the most commonly used idiom on earth with around one billion, three hundred and forty million speakers in China alone. That is why it is an attractive market for companies that attempt to stand up in the global market. There are currently 363.8 million broadband users in China and this figure is constantly on the rise.

To increase ROI

If you translate your website into Chinese, you will be able to attract a proportion of this market to your site, your online revenue will definitely increase. Chinese customers are eager for International products and services. 8 percent (%) of the Chinese population shopped online in 2009, compared with just 3 percent in 2006 and the percentage is estimated to jump to 19 percent (%) of the population by 2012. Alongside with the rise in the internet usage, the Chinese population has experienced a notable increase in their income in recent years.

To build brand awareness in International markets

The website is the brand. A website should reflect the principles and core of the company in question. When a brand enters a new market, business should embrace local cultural conventions to target the local customers effectively. If you localize your website, your chances of making an impact in the Chinese markets will increase. One of the reasons why western companies fail to succeed in China is due to their ignorance about the market and the fact that they have not been able to understand consumer behavior and engage the target audience.

Chinese Website Translation Services

As a leading translation company, KL Translations specializes in multilingual website translations for global corporate clients around the world. We provide website translation services in over 300 languages including Chinese website translation.

Chinese to English Website Translation

For Chinese companies wishing to expand their presence into the UK online market, this is a solution worth giving a thought. Like Chinese, English is a prominent language globally, and choosing to have a Chinese to English website translation is a logical progression for forward-thinking businesses that wish to increase their local and global influence.

English to Chinese Website Translation

English-speaking businesses with far-reaching ambitions should consider KL Translations multilingual Chinese website translation  for a solution that is in tune with the global market’s needs. Our translation agency only employs qualified translators who speak Chinese as their mother tongue.

Our Chinese website translation  occurs in a wide range of fields such as:

Besides Chinese website translations, KL Translations caters for other language website translations in the UK and across the world, among them, are;

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