Apart from being home to Koalas, Dingos and Kangaroos, Australia this week caught the world’s attention for something else other than wild life!


Julia Gillard, Australia’s prime minister warns Muslim immigrants against sharia law, or leave.

The Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard is reported to have given an unusual ultimatum for the Islamic community living, and wishing to continue living in Australia. She was citing findings through research that most immigrants from Islamic states don’t integrate into the society and advocate for Sharia law.

“We speak only English, and not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!” she is quoted to have said. Though this was received with enormous criticism, it however garnered a mass of unexpected support as the research shows that though 40% of the people criticized her, 46% were much for it surprisingly.

Reasons why the Prime Minister is concerned

The prime minister got really concerned about the lack of effort from the immigrants to learn the English language which is Australia’s language. There are many who learn the language, especially those of school going age. However, the older ones tend to not bother with the language.

The above point is further fueled by the fact that immigrants from Islamic countries do not integrate within the Australian community. There are other groups of people who are known not to integrate in with societies in their new dwellings and some are not necessarily Muslim and there countries of origin include;

The only time some of them interact with the people in their new countries is when in academic facilities and for business purposes as most of them are entrepreneurs. They usually start up grocery stores, fast food stalls and restaurants as people from Islamic countries are blessed with exceptional culinary skills with variety of tastes.

The prime minister stressed her concern of what she calls hate speech by Islamic leaders where some of them preach intolerance of the Australian culture. This at times includes intolerance towards infidels, a term degrading non Muslims, which is a bit of a problem especially because Australia is a Christian nation.

Some of the rules immigrants are to abide to include

  • Learn the English language
  • Respect Christianity and Australian values
  • Not preach Islam elsewhere apart from mosques

By Angela Kyolaba

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