KL Translations‘ government translation services have been designed to help governmental bodies and local councils communicate effectively with their communities. Accurate translations are vital for both central and local governments to interact with international organizations and to reach out multicultural members of the society. Our translation agency delivers first class government translation services to ministers, embassies and public institutions in general.

Government Translation Services

Diplomacy, social services, defence and education all depend on precise information. Government translations are critical for national governments that need to interact politically or economically with other countries and international bodies. They also facilitate communication between local authorities and non-English speaking population. KL Translations has experience in dealing with all aspects of government translation.

We provide a wide range of governmental translations for bodies such as:

  • The Judicial System Health Services
  • College & Universities Home & Foreign Office
  • EU Organizations Development Agencies
  • Local Councils Political Parties
  • In addition to our government translation services, we offer a wide spectrum of language solution for governmental institutions and the public sector such as interpreting services, transcription services and website translation services.

Government Translation Worldwide

More and more, local authorities require services from translation companies to communicate effectively with ethnic minorities. Government translation and interpreting services facilitate people access to support, health services and other social services. A multicultural country is where many cultures and languages coexist under the shadow of the common language. Our translation agency provides high-quality professional translation services to the various Governments, local authorities and government agencies across the world.

KL Translations works for organizations such as:

  • Housing Associations Job Centres
  • Police Stations Community Centres
  • Multilingual Government Translation Services

Our translators’ expertise reaches diverse areas such as transportation, education, healthcare and tourism. Whatever the document, we provide accurate translations to local, state, federal and global organizations in more than 100 languages, including English, French, Algerian and Afrikaans.

KL Translations‘ government translation services can ensure linguistic accuracy and precision in the translation of policy documents, annual reports,legal documentation and general documents. We only use certified translators, native speakers of the language they translate into. We also offer first class interpreting services for all languages.

Government Translation Expertise

All of our government translations follow strict quality assurance procedures to guarantee linguistic and cultural accuracy. We have designed a strict project management process to achieve cost-effective and high-quality translations that are delivered within the deadline.

Government translation is a sensitive issue and our KL Translations is well aware of that. We respect the confidentiality of governmental documents and are committed to keeping our high ethical standards. All our translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement..