What Does Certified Document Translation Means?

It has been seen that people often receive advice that they should hire somebody for certified translations only. Question arises, what actually makes certified translations different from others? Many reasons push people towards certified translation services. This type of translation often needed when there is something critical like marriage, registration of property, birth certificate etc.


There can be various meanings of this certified translation services as stated below:


  • Sworn Translation System: in some European countries, there is a system of authorized body for the translation services. This authorized body use to be recognized by the government agency. In UK system is different as there is no system of sworn translation so this option is over.
  • In UK, client often asks for the approval letter so that things can be verified in a better way. Whoever translates document give a written letter that he/she is a professional translator and guarantee for accuracy of the output.

Here is one example:

“KL-Translations Limited, a reputed translation Company, hereby declares that the annexed translation in the …XYZ………… language of …DOC…………… was executed by a professional translator to translate from …………… into ……………, and is to the best of our language knowledge and belief.”

This type of certificate can really help in making the translated document certified. Problem is absence of regulatory body in the translation industry. Anyone can claims regarding perfection but still it may or may not be up to mark.

  • Check if the translator is member of institute of translators, institute of linguistics or any other reputed institutions.
  • There is one association working in London of translation companies named Association of translation companies.
  • Document of translation can be also signed in presence of lawyer or notary. This is also one of the ways of certification.

As a leading professional translation company, we are ready to give certification as client gets comfortable.

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