FAQs of Translation Agency

Is Mandarin translation also available?
We have team of translator with native mandarin professional. We understand that this is the language, which offers maximum challenge and we have perfection here.

Will translated document get any certificate?
We certify all translated documents, which assure that there is no error in the content and it has been created by our team.

If service charges based on number of words then how Can I count number of words?
It is quite easy to count number of words through Word Editor software programs. Problem comes mainly with the PDF documents. We have an inbuilt application in website through which you can count words. You can also copy content from PDF file and paste in word editor.

What are different payment systems for translation services?

As a translation agency, our payment system is very flexible and based on count and hours consumed on project. Our services justify every cent of yours.

Is website translation service also available?

We offer web translation also. In today’s scenario when web based information is viral globally. Exact and correct translation is very crucial.

Is brochure translation service also available?
We offer brochure based translation service. We have a team inside which deals only with the various types of brochures.

Is any tool used in the process of translation?
We don’t use any type of tool for translation while for project management, we do use few. As a company we are always committed for the best possible services manually not through tools. We eliminate human error through two stage checking and verification.

Are interpreters also available with company?
We have numerous interpreters, which we put on hourly basis with people who are looking to hire translators.

How can I place order for translation services?
One can place order through call/mail or direct office visit. Our customer care team is always ready to assist you in process.