Education Translation Services

KL Translations provides top quality education translation services. We translate a wide array of documents and education material including brochures, training programs, research reports and textbooks. Our translation company has access to over 10,000 professional native translators that will translate your projects in more than 300 languages.

Translations For Educational Sector

Today, the education sector is very competitive, especially for universities that are reaching out to international students. This has led to an increasing demand for translations of materials such as international marketing literature, university websites and students’ education certifications from their home country. Our professional education translation services cover all language combinations.

We offer professional translations for documents such as:

  • Prospectuses
  • Facilities Overview
  • Education Marketing Material
  • Testing Material
  • Guide Books
  • Special Educational Programs

Translations for Students

Our official and fully recognized translation and certification service covers a wide range of documents, including:

  • Certificates of Study Translation
  • Report Writing Translation
  • Dissertations & Thesis Translation
  • Textbook Translation
  • Research Project Translation
  • Academic Papers Translation
  • Training Material Translation
  • Essay Translation

E-learning Education Translation Services

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular. We translate e-learning programs in diverse format such as:

  • HTML, Dreamweaver, multimedia files, QuarkXpress, PowerPoint  and PDF

E-learning for Business Translation

Many companies are choosing online training because it is more cost effective than regular training and easier to implement. Multilingual web based training programs and multimedia learning methods are the solutions to deliver courses and tutorials to international employees and thereby to keep your company on the verge of innovation. Our translation agency can translate all your business e-learning literature to a high-quality standard. This is part of our business translation services.

E-learning for Education Translation Services

Internet-based training programs are becoming increasingly popular among colleges and universities because they allow the institutions to target worldwide students.KL Translations translates and localizes e-learning courses into all the languages.

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