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About Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked country which forms part of Central, South and Western Asia.  It is bordered by Pakistan in the south and the east, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far northeast. The country’s capital and largest city is Kabul. Other major cities include; Kandahar, Mazari Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad, Kunduz, Ghazni, Balkh, Baghlan and Gardez. Afghanistan  population is a composition of several ethnic groups of which among others include;  Pashtun (42%), Tajik( 27%), Hazara (9%), Uzbek (9%), Aimaq (4%), Turkmen (3%) and others (4%). This therefore makes Afghanistan a multilingual country.

Main languages spoken in Afghanistan

Afghanistan recognises Pashto and Dari as official languages. Other vernacular languages includes;

  • Balochi
  • Pashayi
  • Nuristani 
  •  Pamiri 
  • Brahui
  • Hindko
  • Kyrgyz.

The economy of Afghanistan

Afghanistan economy is improving significantly  due to the infusion of billions of dollars in international assistance and investments as well as remittances from Afghan expatriates who brought with them  wealth creating skills. The recent improvement is also due to dramatic improvements in agricultural production and the end of a four-year drought.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Afghanistan economy. The country is known for producing some of the finest pomegranates, grapes, apricots, melons, and several other fresh and dry fruits, including nuts. Other sectors that contribute to the growth of the economy are mining, education, health, transport and communication, fishing, forestry, trade and industry and tourism.

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