Certified Translation London

KL Translations provides professional certified translation London services, UK.  Our translation company is commended by many government, legal agencies and many institutions for delivering high quality and accurate certified translations. We serve law firms, embassies, medical councils, courts of law, consulates, and many other institutions in London and the world at large.

Certified translation London for all document types

We have a reputable experience in delivering high quality certified translations for all documents intended for official use.  Our agency provided translation and certification of documents such as

  • Academic certificates
  • Emigration certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical reports
  • Driver’s license
  • Contracts
  • Statutory declarations, etc.

Professional certified translators

At KL Translations Ltd, we have a pool of qualified and certified professional translators with strong legal background of UK laws. We also have an extensive network of skilled certified linguists with legal background of their respective countries. This enables us to serve both London, UK and the entire globe.

Irrespective of your language combination, we are well prepared to serve your certified translation requirements on time and agreed budgets. We focus on quality, fast time turnaround and competitive pricing of our translation service. All translations are processed by experienced native speakers of a target language

Quality Management.

Our agency has employed highly professional project management teams to all our translation projects. As soon as your project arrives, a project manager in your field will a sign a qualified and skilled translator to carry on the translation with his/her close monitoring. All projects are translated, proofread and edited to ensure maximum accuracy.

Confidentiality and ethical standards

We understand the relevance of the confidentiality for any type of translation, particularly for certified translations. Our translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement and, therefore, we can assure that all documents received and translated remain confidential.

Contact us to learn more information about our translation services. Send us an email to sales@kltranslations.com

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