Who Requires Certified Document Translations?


First of all, let me clear that certification of translated document is only for the assurance that translator knows both language properly and there is no present error in the text. An affidavit is made in presence of the notary, which makes the doc legally acceptable. Question arises, it is a fact that still most of the people using Google Translate for translation then when does this thing needed? Some of the cases when certification is important are as below:

  • Immigration: whether it is UK, USA or any other country, immigration is always a complicated process because of the plenty of documentation.
  • Various Agencies: whether it is passport office, office of chief electorate, driving license office or any other. A cosmopolitan nation always suffers with language issues. This is also one of the places where translation services should be perfect else result would be different.
  • Institutions: you would be aware that many colleges/universities still issue degree/certificates in the regional languages. In such cases, proper translation is important. Language translation also gets in action during the classes because there would be many overseas students.
  • Business Houses: this is very critical one. A company, which has business across various countries often face this problem. Whether it be performance report or any other type of report, accuracy matters always.
  • Legal uses: in courts of UK, only certified translation works. Court does not admit individuals work without certification.

It is quite clear that actually people look for the perfect grammar in translated language. If certified translations give guarantee that everything is right with the content then why should not it would be used? In various colleges/universities, it is mandatory to have the certified document translations else it would lead to rejection. https://www.kltranslations.com/services/document-translation/