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KL Translations‘ business translation will open up your company to the competitive international market. For your business to achieve global success, you will need a quality communication scheme. Our business translation services have been designed to match all your requirements. We provide business translation worldwide.

Give Your Business a Boost

Becoming successful in today’s global market is the aim of modern day businesses and effective communication is the key factor. Global business success implies a better understanding of the cultural differences, business ethics, and practices of the multicultural players involved. Comprehensive business translation services will provide the required support to compete effectively in international markets.

Five steps to internationalize your business successfully

  1. Detailed product evaluation. There are products that could be unsuitable for specific markets.
  2. Translate your website. A multilingual website is critical to internationalize your business. Website translation is a cost-effective way to promote your business. It is also advisable to localize the web pages.
  3. Design a business strategy for each specific market. Operational and marketing strategies might vary depending on the resources available and the performances objectives. Adapting your marketing campaign is essential to reach particular audiences. Be aware that inaccurate marketing translations may harm your business internationalization.
  4. Learn the regulatory frameworks. Each country possesses specific trading regulations and taxation.
  5. Develop a multilingual online marketing and social campaign. This will put your business on the map and will increase your website visibility. We also offer advertising and branding translations.

Business Translation that We Provide

  • Business Translation for Finance

Dealing with banks, financial institutions and shareholders in foreign countries can be a hard job. KL Translations provides business translation services that will facilitate your successful insertion into the global market with our financial translations.

  • Business Translation for the Gaming Industry

If you are in the computer game industry and want to target a worldwide audience, we have a range of language solutions to ensure a successful internationalization. We also provide business translations for the online gambling sector.

  • Business Translation for the Energy Industry

We provide business translations for the renewable energy sector such as biofuels, the wind, solar energy and other alternatives sources. Our complete range of services to the oil and gas industry involves the translation of project feasibility studies and technical documentation.

  • Business Translations for SME’s

When the domestic economy looks bleak, internationalization offers new possibilities to small and medium businesses. If you want to expand your business horizons but think that business internationalization is too complicated and risky, we are here to assist you.

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