Marketing translations are business plans and documents that are required by companies that are seeking to enter foreign markets. For example, if a company from the UK wants to sell its products in Japan, to enter that market legitimately they would have to translate a variety of documents, from business and legal ones to marketing and publicity materials.

This all helps to ensure that the business is set up properly and the product(s) reach the targeted country efficiently, in this case Japan.

Successful translation requires a high degree of skill and familiarity of the source language as well as the target language. The translator or the agency you employ to do the job must have staff who are highly qualified either in the field of copy writing, marketing, advertising or even journalism.

The translation of even apparently simple documents requires intimate knowledge of the language, as well as its background including the culture of the place where it is spoken. In a country like Japan, business practices are not similar to those of the West.

When somebody is searching for a translator, the first thing they check out is whether the translator is experienced in both the source and target languages or not. Many people also make it a point to go for individual native translators as well with good testimonials. However, to ensure accurate and high quality translations, one should also evaluate translators based on their field of knowledge, for example marketing, finance and law, and to what extent they have worked in these areas, among many others.

Marketing contents

Marketing content, especially advertising and publicity materials are creative in nature; they need to be handled intuitively and must seem organic and natural. They are instruments designed to persuade their target users to go ahead and buy a specific product or service. In order to be effective, marketing content needs to be conceived in such a way that they appeal to the sensibilities of the target customers.
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This means that a marketing copy that has worked well for UK customers might not work equally well, and even end up being a complete disaster for the Japanese customers.

So a straightforward marketing translation can turn out to be a failure in its marketing message, your launch could be doomed to failure. In the past, advertising copies carelessly translated only in its literal form without the human touch, could be offensive to the targeted customers, or mean something entirely different from the original intention.

To avoid such disasters, marketing translation buyers require planning the translation in cooperation with several
Language professionals so they can utilize a broad range of expertise for their translations to read well. They need to decide whether the original copy would be effective as it is, or needs to be changed, or even written from the beginning again!