Due to the rise in technology and hi-tech advancements world over, foreign Language learning hasn’t been left behind either with the loads of language learning apps springing up.  And this is why we see an influx in people resorting to online directed course to learn the foreign languages of their choice.

That is why we see people taking language lessons via their technology driven gadgets as opposed to those who still enter physical class rooms to have their lessons. This does not in any way mean that virtual class rooms for new languages are doing away with the real class rooms since both have their pros and cons.

Language learning

An individual learning a foreign language online.

Why opt for online language learning

Affordability is the greatest strength of online language learning. This is because in the past, it is the financially privileged who accessed knowledge to the many languages. However today due to technology, even the less privileged can afford cheap smart phones where they access free language learning applications.

Virtual online class rooms might be a favourite to many because they save an individual a lot of time. This entails every little detail starting from inquiries, registration and the classes themselves. Here one need not get onto any means of transport to get to the particular geographical location where the classes are held.

In fact in this very busy world one is spoiled with the option to multi task their way through the day. This is because they can take the online language classes in the comfort of their homes or work area without necessarily having to leave. This therefore, means one can still pay attention to their job or home and children thus not neglecting any important duties, while at the same time pursuing their love for a foreign language.

Disadvantages of online language learning

The advantage the real classrooms have over the virtual ones may be that the physical interaction with an instructor may equip the student with learning skills and techniques that a virtual class room cannot provide. Here the instructor coerces one to think out of the box and to repeatedly speak out loud words learnt as opposed to the virtual teacher.

When interacting with a physical teacher, one gains confidence as they continually practice with them what has been learnt, which is impossible with the online language apps where notes are machine driven and cannot translate or interpret for the student incase for clearer learning.

Why we have been opted by government agencies for translation services?
Then internet connection is a problem to those in developing countries and poor backgrounds. This is because the internet services in such cases are not perfect and therefore one’s learning gets interrupted often, which may not bare good results.

According to Go overseas physical language courses are suitable for individuals who have extra free time for themselves. This may include young adults who are in the middle of finishing school and aren’t employed yet as a result of waiting for their academic results and house wives.

The Internet World Stats lists Languages that are usually opted for online   including;

By Angela Kyolaba

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