Consecutive interpreting services are very common and advantageous, especially if the interpretation is carried out per sentence. I say if it is carried out per sentence or paragraph because here it is very hard to omit useful details.

Whereas at times the interpreter sits or stands aside and notes down important issues from the main source’s message, while waiting for the latter to get done and then start their interpretation. It sometimes leaves out important issues that are considered important by the source.

interpreting services

A consecutive interpreting expert in court.

Therefore the sentence per sentence interpretation may be considered the most effective kind of interpretation. This is because the audience does not feel entirely left out since they do not have to wait until the main speaker is done before they too can finally make something out of the message.

This especially goes for the part of the audience that only understands the language used by the interpreter to understand the main speaker’s message. We have seen the sentence per sentence interpretation working better than the other kind in so many instances and such instances include;

  • Church services held in multi lingual communities.
  • Medical instances in hospitals and clinics between medical personnel and patients as reported by
  • Charitable organizations when interacting with their beneficiaries.
  • Presidential speeches in foreign countries where they do not speak the same language as the president giving the speech. Here sentence for sentence interpretation comes in handy so as not to leave the audience behind.
  • Sign language interpreters when interpreting messages from verbal communicators also need to interpret every after a paragraph or sentence for the purpose of effective communication.

There are however many interpreting services options available as per the need and nature of the audience ad these include;

interpreting services

Gadgets used in simultaneous interpreting

Translation services all together have a big role to play when it comes to effective communication and therefore professionalism should be highly considered when it comes to searching for such services.

By Angela Kyolaba

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