What You Should Consider While Processing Marketing Translations
A photo showing a translator processing marketing translations

A photo showing a translator processing marketing translations

As we hear the Marketing translations, what comes into your mind? Basically, it’s dealing with translating marketing documents into your target client’s languages.

When dealing with marketing translation, there are some issues that you are supposed to consider. You can’t just translate the marketing content into any language without considering cultural aspects and religious practices in some areas of your target.

Delivering professional marketing translations, the translators must have a better understanding of target language culture and the religion, the content must be translated to best suit the cultural religious beliefs of clients. All documents bearing marketing content will need to suit the needs of the clients after translation

Documents that require marketing translations

There are several marketing documents that you may have to translate from and into a target language and you don’t need to forget to align the translation with the cultural and religious aspects believed by your clients. These documents include;

  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Business plans
  • Marketing research materials
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Presentations and promotion materials
  • Business correspondence
  • Corporate communication
  • Miscellaneous documents and etc

How to ensure your Marketing translations suits the interests of the clients

In translating any of the marketing related documents, you have to ensure that you are in line with the interests of your clients in a given market, be it an international or a domestic market. This is what should be done always when translating marketing documents.

Erase some words; at times due to language and cultural differences, some words after translation into a target language may need to be deleted. This is because they may have different or bad meanings in a target language that may cause problems to the business. The translators must be careful about the variation of the two cultures and religion as well. The translation should be based on the cultural and religious beliefs of clients. Therefore, some words may be ignored or deleted completely after learning when translated will cause negative interests of the clients to the business. Obviously, the meaning of some idioms or marketing slogans in a source language will have to change their meanings in a target language but the translators have to play with them to produce a meaningful translation in the desired language.

Formulate some words; as you delete some words that may have negative meanings in the target language, you may also need to discover some new words while translating, this should be done to the target language as well. As I said Marketing translations have to match with the needs of clients, when you originate a new word into a translated content, make sure it doesn’t violate the cultural and religious norms of the target customers.

Changing the sentence structure of the translated document; to process comprehensive Marketing translations, the translators need to do complete re-preparation or re-devise of the whole document text that has been transformed from the source language to the target language, why does this happen? Because of different language variations and meanings, sometimes the content that is translated from either French into the German language may make no sense. The content’s meaning in the target language may not sound well, so the translators have to restructure it to have sense in the target language.

Therefore, while processing Marketing translations, translators have to be so keen on their job. The above three issues or techniques (Erase some words, formulate, and changing the sentence structure) when translating marketing documents shouldn’t be under looked. Your translator from a chosen translation agency must adapt to all sorts of situations in translation and ensure accuracy while translating marketing documents and the most serious thing is the content translated must match the details of the target country’s culture.