UNESCO Protects Mother Languages

China’s Xinhua news agency quotes, that the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will promote the protection of mother languages by employing new information technologies.

The protection campaign is devoted to the International Mother Language Day, on February 21. It purposes to encourage Internet users to share photos, videos and stories by using new information technologies, such as the social media Facebook and Twitter. This way people can participate in this move and promote linguistic diversity.

Another part of the campaign is the series of information meetings and debates, aimed to bring together linguists, experts and representatives from concerned international organizations and countries. The events are planned to be gathered under one theme: ” Projects on Linguistic Diversity and New Technologies”.

Every language is a unique source of meaning, writing and expressing reality and the International Mother Language day is “a moment to recognize their importance and to mobilize for multilingualism and linguistic diversity,” UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said in the message to mark the day.

A range of events directed towards protection of mother languages are being held in Chile, Brazil and Africa.
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The International Mother Language Day has been celebrated every year since 2000 on February 21. It spreads the importance of cultural awareness and linguistic diversity around the world.

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