Well as for today translation companies all over the world are no new site at all because of the high demand for their services that are required worldwide.This kind of demand comes up as a result of the high rate at which people travel from one country to another even better from one continent to another. This usually is for reasons that are too many to list down but some include;

  • Further studies
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Business matters
  • For medical attention
  • Tourism
  • Asylum purposes

One finds themselves in a foreign country where chances are high that the language spoken too is foreign to them. Well as some have relatives to help them understand and others enroll into languages short courses to learn the basics.

However there are those who do not have that kind of time with them and therefore need professional translation services to have their personal or official works translated.

Before civilization there were some forms of translation but minimal and real translation was sparked off and majorly recognized with the rise of the industrial revolution in the mid 18th century.

Translation back in the day

Translation deals with therefore, in the beginning translations were done manually by humans who were multi lingual and therefore knew the languages; in which the original text was written and that language to which the translation was needed.

By the 1940s translation of text from one language to another had become so tiring especially when a big load of work had to be accomplished. Therefore today all that is history especially with the automated translation services by technologically advanced devices and software applications on such devices.

In the past, it should also be noted that since translation was done by humans, the time factor became a big hindrance and pain to the then young translation industry. This is because there are clients who had time limited deadlines yet the work load would be too big to have it accomplished within that time span.

How to identify right professional translation services?
The biggest advantage that the translation industry of the past had over the current one is that perfection and accuracy were guaranteed because the process was manual and not automated. Automated translation services prove a risk to translate out of context.

Translations may be ‘from- to’

  • English to Spanish
  • Krio to German
  • French to Luganda
  • Swahili to Kurdish
  • Afrikaans to Danish and lots more combinations

By Angela Kyolaba

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