Accurate translation services play a big role for charity organizations just like in any other organization that deals with different languages, cultures, and diversities.

Charity organizations are nonprofit organizations that come in and help the needy, disadvantaged and the poor in different countries and communities in the world. Therefore, they partly need to have a clear communication with the people they are helping since they come speaking different languages that are totally different from that spoken by the people to be helped and including different cultural beliefs.

The only way to bridge the gap between these organizations and the people they are helping is to hire a professional translation company, which provides accurate translation services in a wide array of languages, in anything related to dealing with people from diverse backgrounds, communication is the best way of passing information which is aided by accurate translation services and interpretation

Non-profit or charity foundations that need accurate translation services

Most of these charity organizations sometimes ignore the idea of translation and interpretation in their budget, and they decide to use bilingual people, yes, bilinguals may translate or interpret but when it comes to matching a source language culture with the target language culture, problems may arise because of different words that may have different meanings from language to language

Nonprofit organization such as;

  • United Nation Children’s Funds (UNICEF)
  • Human Rights Watch (HRW)
  • Open society foundation
  • Ford foundations
  • Red Cross
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • And etc.

Some of these organizations deal with human health which needs care when administering the medication, so there is no way they can ignore to employ medical translations provided by trained medical translators than using bilinguals because of their knowledge in two or three languages. This may result into mistranslation which is risky to a person’s health.

Why charity organizations should use accurate translation services

Charity organizations reach out and help different groups of people worldwide. So, for their work to be more effective, communication is the major issue to consider. How will they communicate with people in their native languages? This is where we find the work of translation companies relevant for charity organizations. Language service providers can connect different language speakers from different countries. Charity work will not be effective if the main speakers have language barriers with their audience, but to communicate effectively with the audience, they have to seek for language services from a professional translation company, they will find the real native speakers of their target language to help them with translation and interpreting services.

When we talk of a continent like Africa, Africa is a home to over 2000 languages spread in over six major language families; this will make charity organization’s activities be less effective in absence of accurate translation services or interpreting services in place. All documents that talk about the organization, what it intends to do in the community, its mission, goals, and objectives will need to be translated into the target languages so as to make it easy for the authorities to prove whether the organization is eligible or not.

Still, in Africa, a country like Nigeria has over 500 tongues spoken by its people within its borders, and tens of millions use languages such as Berber, Hausa, Amharic, Igbo, Oromo, Swahili, Yoruba and etc. So to run any charitable activity here, you will have to make translation services readily available to make people access your services in their own native languages.