While English rules the internet as the universal language, there has been a significant increase in the use of other languages on the web. The research done earlier in 2013 by W3Techs found a number of non English websites rapidly increasing. The research established that German and Russian languages were occupying 6.0 percent each on the web.  Among other popular languages that were found to be used on frequent basis included; ChineseFrench, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Spanish. Among these languages, Russian is said to be increasing at a faster rate. “The report late in October 2013 by the ministry of Russian Federation revealed that Russianhad become the second most popular internet language among users of the World Wide Web. This therefore indicates that Russian has proved to be a language of international prominence.  The language is among the five official languages of the United Nations, and ranks as the major world language along with Chinese, English, and Spanish among others.”

This is an opportunity for businesses to reach out to the potential clients by translating and localizing their websites into Russian language. You could make huge profits after targeting such a fertile market with nothing else rather than simple language translation services. These services will enable you to communicate to your Russian customers in a very simple language that they will understand and enjoy a mutual business relationship with you. Anybody may not be willing to purchase a commodity that he/she cannot understand the usage, quality, how it works, the components and the benefits likely to be derived from such a product. This indeed presents a challenge in doing business across country boarders. You could think of learning a language of your target clients but this also is more difficult and time consuming so may not work out for you! The only short cut could be the use of translation services. This can make your international business easier.
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