The increase of Arabic speaking countries has allowed for the use of Arabic language in over 26 states with over 310 million native speakers, so it’s no wonder that Arabic website translation has become more important and sought after by companies. Along with increasing the value of the site, it will increase the traffic and potential sales that the company could have. Catering for all visitors is important and will provide a sense of belonging to the user. The Arabic language is not an easy one to master, which is why a good translation is a necessity. With everyday items being shipped worldwide on a daily basis the world is becoming smaller, and language differences will need to grow with this. Catering for different languages helps communicate with a country that may be thousands of miles away.

Language barriers and localisation are extremely relevant and important factors when looking at a website translation. I know I wouldn’t buy a product from an Arabic website when I have no clue what the product is except for the small, fuzzy diagram that they might offer, and even then I still probably wouldn’t know enough information to buy it! Would you book a holiday in a nice exotic place when all that you can see and read is ‘فندقخمسةنجوم بالقربمنالشاطئ’. This has no meaning to me, you or your readers unless it’s translated into a language that can be understood by everyone. I couldn’t justify spending money on something that I can’t understand. This shows that if a company doesn’t have their website translated they could lose thousands of customers a year just through this little error that can be rectified with the click of a mouse. If anything, even large global companies such as Google would be entirely non-existent as a worldwide search engine without being able to translate its website for the entire world to use and understand. So, why miss out on helping with the understanding of websites and minimising any language barriers through just a simple translation?

لسماح لجمهورعالمي عنطريقترجمة موقعالويبالخاصبك الآن. And for those who can’t read Arabic, the necessary london translation of this is ‘allow for a global audience by translating your website now.’ You see the importance of a simple translation now?

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