Social media sites are blow up as per today thanks to the ever developing technology and advancement in all the mobile gadgets used all over the world. It should be noted that there are toddlers nowadays who can operate games on smart phones before they even learn how to speak, while pre teens belong to various social media sites to keep up with their idols like Kylie and Kendal Jenner, not forgetting the entire Kardashian clan.

professional translations

Social media sites can be hyped by professional translations

Yes, kindergarten going children own smart phones of their own in this day and era. This means that as more social media sites spring up, people of different ages and interests look for those where they fit best. Social media sites include;

  • Tinder
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snap chat
  • Weibo
  • Twitter

The above are just the favourite ones but there are many more social media sites serving people of various interests. there are common languages in the world today that many groups of people use in communication on these social media sites.
Therefore one language alone cannot be used for such media sites give the fact that some social media sites are used by almost people from all around the world.

Where Professional translations come in

This is where professional translations come in, for example facebook, which has once ever been the most used social media site has its content translated into many languages as per country. This means that it has options within its settings that allow users to change their language, that is; people in Germany can use facebook in the German language, while those in Russia can choose the Russia language for communication.

This has further enhanced communication around the world because people get to understand messages intended for them in languages they understand best.
Professional translations here help businesses go viral because people of different languages get to know what the services and products are about, and effectively understand in their own language how it can be advantageous to them.


This above has proved very helpful and useful though it has left some communities out. For example, the African languages are not that catered for when it comes to social media. The languages usually available I the settings include Spanish, French, German, Russian and may more with Asia, America and Europe represented apart from Africa.
This is disadvantageous because advertisers and business oriented people usually miss out on potential customers in neglected areas because they do not cater for the languages they use as mother tongues.

The Chinese way

On the other hand China came up with so to say its own version of Twitter known as Weibo as noted by Judith Meridith of

By Angela Kyolaba

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