How Language Eases International Relations

Communication has been part of life ever since life was reported to exist on planet earth. Yes, even our fore fathers whose speech patterns were not well developed are documented to have used sounds and body language for communication purposes. There is evidence to show that the latter at least communicated are archived their information and activities by inscribing action like things on the inside of their caves. For example, the not so developed communities of the San and Koi san people in the remote areas of South Africa are known to communicate using sound patterns that are not fully develop, yet still manage to understand each other during their […]

Approach to Monolingual Translation

It all starts with the puzzle about where to use “nation”, “country” or “state” in writings, to become the simplest reason for indispensability of translation services even for communication between audiences who speak just one language. There are countless reasons why one would need monolingual translation services. Communication constraints of monolingual audiences Apart from the emphasis on language technicalities of fields to eliminate ambiguity during translation, there are several types of language that we use in our casual life which are mostly developed out of idle talk when speaking to those familiar to us, that also require baseline skill of translation for purposes of official, trade or legal fields. With […]

Difference Between Translators and Interpreters

The interpreter and the translator do the same thing. They grasp the subject matter of source language to deliver it in another yet the two are not interchangeable. Each of this profession has equivalent strengths, however, translation is slightly demanding. A translator has to have the interpreting skills; they must first interpret (to himself or colleague) text for them to translate it while an interpreter can do without translating tasks. For example, they do not need to refer to dictionaries and other tools to deliver. There are rare cases of professionals who can do both interpretation and translation but it is advisable to hire specialists in either of the two […]

Embodiment of Quality Translation Service; a Consideration of Legal Translation

There is no setting in life that an exception of unprepared occurrences and is not subjected to the law. That is why the law is composed of criminal law, property law, tax law, contract law, corporation’s law, international law and constitutions are amended regularly to provide for every situation of life. I would therefore not be conclusive to say insurance and legal services should be secured at once. Even in monolingual cases, putting into consideration that it’s not a mere word but technical terminology that aids legal communication; one should not secure legalistic insurance and leave translation services, for the law has a system bound linguistic in nature. How to […]

How Translation Services Have Changed Over The Time

Well as for today translation companies all over the world are no new site at all because of the high demand for their services that are required worldwide.This kind of demand comes up as a result of the high rate at which people travel from one country to another even better from one continent to another. This usually is for reasons that are too many to list down but some include; Further studies Marriage and relationships Business matters For medical attention Tourism Asylum purposes One finds themselves in a foreign country where chances are high that the language spoken too is foreign to them. Well as some have relatives to […]

How To Identify A Professional Translation Company

It is undeniable that translation services cannot be done away with in this time and era where on a daily basis we run into hundreds of new faces all from different regions and languages. At times one needs their very important official documents to be translated for official purposes like marriage, migration issues, business, academics to mention a few. This therefore calls for expertise translation services so as not to get into legal trouble or get into unnecessary delays. But the mega question is, how does one know it’s the genuine one? Well, first and foremost a genuine translations company had to have a website. Not just a normal website […]

Limitations of Free Online Software and Apps as Translation Tools

Unlike in the past times when one had to contact piles of books from different languages to get a translation of a single word, today technology has made life easy with the translator apps and software. The most common of these are Google translate, Microsoft translator app, iTranslate from apple, android translator app to mention but a few. Online translating apps have played an important role in providing free and fast translation services to their clients. These translating apps and software have a number of plus points which will leave every one with no choice but to opt for them. “Free” is the word that would entice any one to […]

How The Reading Culture Can Get You A Translation/Interpretation Career

Our fore fathers or the generations before us had a far better reading culture than what we have today. Teachers or parents would require a child or young adult to read two books at most in a week and the latter would be expected to hand in a hand written review at the end of the week. This was seen by the young people then as a punishment but it actually rendered them more responsible and thus prepared tem to be more responsible citizens in the future. How responsible you ask?  By then a young adult had to make sure they read a material well enough so as to give […]

Languages and Gambling

Let’s add gambling to the list of international or global languages that are there. The ever growing list of unofficial international languages includes love, music, sand tears to mention but a few. In fact there are cities and places around the world synonymous with gambling. Vegas comes in number one when it comes to places with hundreds of casinos that run almost for 24 years. In Vegas people are involved in gambling without any limits whatsoever. While some come out filthy rich after hitting a couple of jackpots, there are those who leave Vegas financially ruined after losing out. We see people leaving their home countries to permanently stay in […]

Adoption and Languages

Scores of international couples brave all the strict issues involved in the adoption processes that sometimes drag on for more than three years. This is so even with the high numbers of orphaned children, or those abandoned, tortured and those left to languish in foster care homes and orphanages. Well, with good luck many well-wishers or couples manage to secure their preferred kid’s adoption safely after the long struggle and then go ahead to give these children a better life style. Language barrier There are people who adopt children from their countries but the common cases are of those privileged people from developed countries who adopt from developing countries especially […]