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Industries Should Invest More on Technical Translations

Industries Should  Invest More on Technical Translations

The  idea of hiring and investing more in technical translation services is paramount for businesses and industries operating across the world. Why? Technical translations help to modify technical language talking about technical products into a lay man’s language. I’m not the only one who may think technical translation contributes a lot of meaning to industries that produce technical products. There are very many people  who have the same idea and understanding that in business, client’s interests have to be taken into consideration. Technical industries that should invest in technical translations There is a majority of emerging technical industries across the world competing to win customers to buy their products. Therefore, to […]

Why Translation Is Necessary When Conducting Elections?

Why Translation Is Necessary When Conducting Elections?

Translation as we talk about it, its applicability is seen important in every activity conducted that involves a majority of people from different corners of  the world speaking different languages and dialects. Translation can mean communication in simple terms because it involves translating information from one language to another. Coming to the election activity or exercise in any country in the world, indeed, translation is necessary and should not be ignored. This is an exercise that different individuals speaking different languages participate in including educated and non-educated, the lame, deaf except the blind people. The government must, therefore, make sure that all people participate regardless of their education status, abilities […]

How Bad Translation Services Harm Business

Bad translation services can always hinder business activities. While looking for a product in the market, you may happen to admire that particular product from a particular seller due to language problems you may decide to look for a translated product manual in your language to help you understand the product particulars and  how it works, unfortunately, you get the manual is poorly translated, that will be a risk for the business to lose the clients due to the bad translation services are used. If it’s a hospital where the patient’s relatives may be used as interpreters or translators, though they may be bilinguals, they might not understand some medical […]

Why We Love Google Translate (and you should too)

I will call it like it is, appalling translations, we have all seen them. Some are funny and we have shared a few laughs about them at their best, but on the other hand, it paints a picture of laziness and unprofessionalism. With language translation, you need to get things right the first time round. And this should be a major concern for companies, big or small, looking to scale across borders. Intercultural communication is key. The problem can be pointed out in two-fold. Sometimes we might acquire the services of a mediocre translator whose knowledge of the target language is 2 on a scale of 1 to 50. And […]

What your coach never told you about Haka

A haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge of the Māori people; currently used today as the New Zealand national rugby union team, the “All Blacks” and a number of other New Zealand national teams perform before their international matches. Some non-New Zealand sports teams have adopted the haka. Ever wondered what the haka translation was what it meant and its origin? What is Haka? It is a generic term for the Maori dance. It is a disciplined, yet emotional dance. This complex dance is an expression of the passion, vigour and identity of the race. It is at its best, truly, a message of the soul expressed […]

How Language Assists In the Fight Of Terror

Splendid Hotel was recently attacked in Burkina Faso where 28 people lost their lives including those of the international community lost their lives. It is reported that the dead included one U.S citizen, two Swiss, six Canadians and two from France not forgetting the locals who lost their lives too as reported by These terrorists as bragged by the master minds of such gruesome acts usually target people from the western world in their bid to fight what they call westernisation of their communities. The terrorists argue that their communities should run a certain way yet the foreigners bring their influence of way of life along. Below is Splendid […]

How To Get Attention As A Linguist in The Music World

The international entertainment media is awash with David Bowie condolence remarks and eulogies from all over the world after he succumbed to cancer on the 10th of January, days after celebrating his 69th birthday. David’s music is renowned world wide and garnered massive audiences also because his music was in the English language, which is understood by most of the people. Music is an international language understood by almost everyone even when the language in which the lyrics are is foreign, however it makes more sense and has more impact when understood by the audience. Linguists in the music industry There are so many times famous and international musicians who […]

Should Multi Lingual Countries Hold Presidential Debates In Their Mother Tongue!

So, the Uganda presidential candidate debate is on today, the 15th of January 2016! Ugandans have never been this excited, well not forgetting how excited they were during the pope’s visit late last year. Why the excitement you ask, well there has never been such a thing in Uganda as a country and therefore the masses, including or mostly those in the Diaspora can’t wait to see the presidential hopefuls battle it out. And further good news is that BBC’s own will moderate at this historical moment in Africa’s history; Nancy Kacungira and Alan Kasujja as stated by We have been seeing such debates only on the international scenes as […]

Can Professional Translations Save You?

Heard of Taharrush? Well, this is allegedly some sort of gang rape carried out mainly by Arabic speaking men who surround theirprey, who is female in this matter. This is usually carried out in mass gatherings like celebrations or massive demonstrations. Here the female finds herself disconnected from the people she knows or came with to the gathering as is further shocked as men grope her in all her body parts. It is reported that these men majorly grope the woman’s breasts, crotch area and derriere. “They basically raped me with their hands” said Lara Logan, a white South African reporter with CBS while describing her night marish ordeal on […]

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