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Medical Translation Challenges that Can Cost A Life.

Medical Translation Challenges that Can Cost A Life.

Medical translation is a tricky, unique and highly specialized field of translation where the target language expertise is not the only prerequisite for a successful and quality translation. Yes the translator has to be a native speaker of the target language, but with full subject matter expertise in the medical field and its terminologies to easily overcome the medical translation challenges. About Medical translations The medical language is so unique and different from the languages in the other translation fields. Therefore, one must have a medical background for him to perfectly handle a medical translation. Medical translation requires accuracy, multiple levels of quality control, understanding of regulatory laws and current […]

How People Speaking Different Languages Understand Each Other

I recently watched a TV drama series from Zambia; Love Games recommended by a friend from Germany. And though the language of communication here is English, there are parts when the actors and actresses resort to their mother tongues like Bemba. In such cases, there are subtitles ready to redeem us the lost souls, in the sense of not understanding the language. There are words and pronunciations just like in the Ganda language used in Uganda and other languages under Bantu languages include; Kinyarwanda, Shona, Kirundi, Kiswahili as reported by However, folks from around the world that originate from Africa and speak or understand a Bantu originated language can back me […]

How Best Do You Understand a Certified Translation?

How Best Do You Understand a Certified Translation?

There has been a great deal of misconceptions about the term certified translation. Well, let me take a moment to clear up all the confusion about this concept and help you understand a Certified Translation. Understand a Certified Translation. In most countries, a certified translation refers to a translation supplemented by a signed statement confirming that the translation is complete and accurate to the best of the translator’s understanding and ability. Therefore, any experienced translator or a translation agency may certify a translation. A translator doesn’t necessary have to be “certified” to “certify” a translation. However, most countries now have come with certification exams to test one’s levels of professionalism […]

What is Accurate Financial Translation and Why Important?

Accurate financial translation is handled by only specialized translators. Business across the globe deal with their financial contents and need to have it translated into lay man’s language depending on which country the business is reaching. To have your financial documents translated, you do not need to get any person who is a translator, instead find a translation company that has competent and experienced translators and specialize in translating financial documents. These translators have a detailed knowledge of the financial field, industry concepts and ensure consistency. Types of financial documents Businesses have different or same financial documents which their content, figures need to be translated. They include; Investment reports Annual […]

Things to Keep In Mind While Translating or Setting Up a Translations Agency in China.

With china’s significant role in the world economy growth, people from major parts of the world would wish or find it inevitable to extend their businesses and services to china for more gains. China has got a fast growing economy dealing in enormous industries and exporting most of their products worldwide hence its big success and popularity. Therefore, translating in China is a highly required service. About China. People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world’s most populous country, with a population of over 1.35 billion. China is a single-party state governed by the communist party of china, with its seat of […]

Accurate Medical Translation

For today’s medical businesses or healthcare companies, accurate medical translation helps to avoid the challenge of improper communication. Medical translation is good at developing multilingual documentation and labeling that meets medical regulatory standards and also supporting the company’s communication objectives with clients.  Meeting this challenge represents one of the professional translation company’s key areas of expertise. A medical translation company is the best choice for all your medical translation requirements. Medical businesses need to work with translation companies so as to manage and produce a wide range of multilingual medical communications. Their adaptation and production processes include accurate medical translation and interpretation services and review by professional medical experts. The […]

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