Career As A Medical Translator

With constant progress being made in the field of medicine and the ever-expanding translation industry proving to be practically recession proof, what better time is there to become a medical translator? It’s an attractive proposition for anyone with a passion for both medicine and languages, but be aware that the essential criteria required for the job is extensive and demanding. A medical background is obviously a must, although the amount of first-hand experience in the field among translators varies greatly. Some are doctors, some went straight from obtaining a medical degree into the translation industry. Most work solely as medical translators, others combine it with other full-time medical careers. More […]

Free Machine Translation

Yes, it is true that one can actually choose to use various websites that provide “free translation”. These include babelfish, Google translator amongst others. From here you can “translate” text, websites, your tattoo…etc. However, although these free resources are sometimes handy to use, free machine translation does not replace professional human translations. Machine translation can only give you a basic (and sometimes vague) idea of the translated text and should perhaps only be used by individuals and certainly not businesses. Machine Vs Human Translation Machine translation is around 60 – 70% accurate. It can never be 100% simply because of the lack of the human touch! By this, I mean, […]