Defeat for Angela Merkel in German Regional Elections

Leading up to Germany’s general election in September, the iron Angela Merkel is not looking as strong as she has appeared in recent months while handing out ultimatums to Europe’s most powerful leaders in a bid to single handedly salvage their economies from financial meltdown. Instead, she has suffered a great loss in popularity on home turf it seems, as the region of Lower Saxony secured her 12thdefeat for the Christian Democrat and Liberal Free Democrat coalition party in Germany’s regional elections. Merkel described the loss of Lower Saxony as ‘emotionally difficult,’ after the party believed they were still in line for a narrow victory in the face of difficult […]

North Korea’s Next Nuclear Test!

North Korea has announced that it will be going ahead with a third nuclear test in the country. The KCNA news and our translation agency released the news after information was released by the top military body in North Korea. The statement gave no specified time for the test, however it will be the first of its kind since the first in 2006 and the second in 2009. The military were quoted by the news channel as having said, “we do not hide that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will continue to launch, as well as the high-level nuclear test we will proceed with, are aimed at our […]

The People of the Soninke Language

The Soninke people today are probably best known for their skills as farmers and herdsmen, derived from the influence of a tribe called the Fulani, who taught them the trade. They reside in and around Ghana, speaking a Mande language called Soninke, which is spoken in many areas of West Africa. It is thought that there are just over one million speakers of the language in countries ranging from Mali, Senegal and the Ivory Coast, toMauritania, Guinea and of course, Ghana. Soninke is, in fact, the national language in Mali, Senegal and Mauritania. The Soninke people had their beginnings in 750 AD, when the founders arrived in Ghana and created […]

Grandmother to be Executed by Firing Squad!

Lindsay Sandiford, the 56 year old grandmother from the UK arrested for drug smuggling in Bali, is still waiting to be executed by firing squad. Bali’s district court in Denpasar concluded a guilty verdict after Mrs Sandiford was arrested at a Bali airport in May of 2012. She was discovered with 4.8kg of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase, however she claims she was forced into smuggling the drugs by criminals who had made threats towards her family. A conviction in Bali for this amount of a Class a substance would normally yield a prison sentence of 15 years, leaving many stunned at the severity of the decision. Death […]

The Language of London!

The cultural diversity of London is something that is becoming increasingly evident throughout the capital.       Although it is something that has always existed in the city to some degree, in recent years the boom in migration has exacerbated the situation. The people of London are now notably diverse in origin, religion and spoken language, to name just a few. Statistics taken from the 2011 Census further prove this point by showing that more than 100 languages are currently being spoken in almost every London borough. The amount of people who reside in the city and speak English as a first language is now at 78%. This leaves […]

An Introduction to Financial Translation

The continuing globalisation of business through the Internet has led to an escalating demand for organisations to communicate financial information in many languages. Maintaining the accurate details of financial information during a translation is of paramount importance to businesses, investors, clients and suppliers so there is no element of fraud. The smallest of errors could have drastic consequences and could easily lead to criminal investigations and in give your trading name a bad reputation. As with other types of professional translation, financial translation involves the conversion of sensitive accounting data, files, documents, reports, financial forecasts and web content from the source language to the target language. As well as needing […]

Language Work From Home!

Many people would love the freedom to work from home. If you have good bilingual or trilingual language skills, then providing telephone translation services is one way to make some extra cash without leaving your house. Nevertheless, before you get excited about becoming a phone interpreter, there are a few things you need to know – some pros and cons about this profession. There is no shortage of telephone translation companies in North America, Europe, Canada or Australia. In-house operators and translators and work-from-home translators are hired for full-time, part-time and casual positions on a regular basis. The good news is you aren’t required to obtain any specific training or […]

Myanmar Loses Literary Shackles

Very little has been recorded as to the linguistic wealth of the Burmese people over the years. This is perhaps owing to half a century of oppressive military rule, following decades of British colonialism. This has prevented the English speaking world from fully appreciating the literary wealth of this very interesting country. The lack of a standardized Roman character translation system has meant that the literature that was available during the last 50 years was not only strictly censored by he former Burmese military junta, but also difficult to come by and even more difficult to translate. Now that the doors to ancient Myanmar have finally opened to the rest […]

The Noise of New York City!

New York City is home to nearly 9 million people and attracts tourists from absolutely every corner of the globe. As well as being a great place to party all night and shop till your credit card is rejected, it is also a haven for linguists and home to approximately 800 different languages. It’s not difficult to hear a wide selection of languages in the city, by simply walking through the streets or jumping on the subway you can hear many different tongues from the people around you. It is also completely normal to see things advertised or displayed in different languages, such is the massive cultural diversity of New […]

Financial Translation Explained!

Having worked for a busy translation agency, I have had the advantage of working with many types of clients, all with diverse needs and requirements. Over the duration of an average day, it would be fair to say that no two assignments are ever the same, because no two clients are ever the same. An area where we do receive a significant amount of requests is in the field of financial translation.Financial translation refers to the broad area involving the translation of financial documents and giving out sensitive fiscal information. This can vary from the translation of complex financial reports to technical terms and conditions found within financial documents through […]