UNESCO Protects Mother Languages

China’s Xinhua news agency quotes, that the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will promote the protection of mother languages by employing new information technologies. The protection campaign is devoted to the International Mother Language Day, on February 21. It purposes to encourage Internet users to share photos, videos and stories by using new information technologies, such as the social media Facebook and Twitter. This way people can participate in this move and promote linguistic diversity. Another part of the campaign is the series of information meetings and debates, aimed to bring together linguists, experts and representatives from concerned international organizations and countries. The events are planned to be gathered under […]

Word without Borders – Afghan Writers

Language translation allows us to have access, among others, to literature from different corners of the world. As a way to promote literature in translation, “Words without Borders” will be publishing an issue of contemporary writing from Afghanistan in May 2011. This will include stories from two top Dari writers of the twenty-first century: Mohammad HosainMohammadi and Mohammad AsifSoltanzadah.   Afghan writers are not very well known worldwide and this publication attempts to disseminate literary work written in Dari. Afghan national literature is often identified abroad with such exiled writers that do not write in their mother tongue. On the top of the list is KhaledHosseini, the author of “The Kite […]

What makes a Bible translation accurate?

Translations can change the history of a country as well as its creed. Sacred books such as the Bible are considered to be the word of God. Nevertheless the original Scriptures have been translated several times and the meaning of some concepts and idioms vary in different versions. An example of this can be seen in the verses about a strange woman (Proverbs 23:27). According to the original Hebrew Scripture, the strange woman is a non-Jewish woman but the meaning has changed in different Biblical versions varying from wayward wife to promiscuous woman.  And this is not an isolated case.   Through the centuries, the Bible has been translated several […]

Gaming Industry in the UK, A Call of Duty

Black Ops, the last version of the game Call of Duty blasted the record established by its predecessor, Modern Warfare, and become the most successful entertainment launch of all time topping $ 360 million during the first day of sales. The launches of Black Ops and Kinect (a motion control accessory) have revitalised the game industry that it is still experiencing consolidation and showed signs of strains during 2009.   In spite of having produced some of the most successful franchises such as “Tomb raider” and “Grand Theft Auto”, Britain is struggling to find its voice to face the severe international competition. Five years ago the UK was in third […]

Why Isn’t Everyone A Translator

When one is looking for a translator, they might feel as if so long as the individual speaks the desired language they will be able to properly translate documents for the job. However, this is not the case. Simply because one knows how to speak different languages does not make them an adequate translator with whom you should trust your documents and services. The following will highlight why not everyone is a translator, even though they claim to speak different languages. Translators Are Professionals at Their Trade First and foremost, translators are professionals at their trade. They not only know how to speak a different language, they eat, breathe and […]

Africa Translation Solutions

KL Translations delivers top African translation services in all African languages. Our African translation services are reliable, quick and affordable. Africa is a continent that is experiencing fast growth in its economic positioning on the global business stage and as a result there is more in-flow investments from other continents but also importantly a lot of African businesses are now expanding their trading activities with fellow African nations. African translations services Due to the increased trade activities in Africa, there is more demand for African translations services and that’s why we are here. Africa now has 7 out of 10 fastest growing economies in the world and this fact is […]

Questionable Quality of Court Interpreters!

It could be argued that court interpreting is one of the most important services required by the translation sector. When a trial is taking place that involves native speakers of more than one language then an interpreter has to be included in that trial. When this interpreter is provided by a reputable company and is fully qualified to uphold the position, then this is no cause for concern. However this isn’t always the case. There have been several examples of when a court interpreter has failed to do their job properly; in the cases where this has been spotted it has caused considerable unrest for the trial. In even more […]

Ethiopian Footballers get an Extra Incentive to Win

This year’s African cup of Nations is set to be even more intense for the Ethiopian team than ever before. The national team, which hasn’t qualified to play in the tournament since 1982 inspired nationwide enthusiasm as they beat bothBenin and the Sudan to qualify for the cup. “We are the pioneers, but we went backwards,” said Sahilu Gebremariam, president of the Ethiopian Football Federation, “Now the whole nation is inspired again. In light of this newfound enthusiasm, the federation is now offering players a substantial sum, should they achieve victory in the final. Each player has been promised $55,000 if they get to the final, and $111,000 reward for […]

Bangladeshi Sleepy Beach Town Under Threat

Cox’s Bazar is the worlds longest uninterrupted natural beach. It is more than 100 kilometers long and is considered to be one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Bangladesh where everyone speaks the Bengali language. But the coastal bay is so long it has hardly had the opportunity to become as overcrowded as the Pattaya region in Thailand and Galle in Sri Lanka – stlll, that’s not to say the area is not under threat. The Bangladeshi government has put plans on it’s drawing board to make Cox’s Bazaar a hot spot on the international tourist map. It is planned by 2015 two Raddison hotels, a Best Western and […]

Delhi Rape Case Prompts Fast Track Courts!

The story of ‘India’s Daughter’ is one that has drawn international attention and disgust from every corner of the globe. The demonstrations and protests that were born of the reactions to the rape and subsequent death of a 23 year old woman in Delhi, were met with force by the government in the region. Six men stand accused of the appalling attack, one of which is thought to only be 17 years of age. Although the youngest defendant will have to wait to be tried in a juvenile court, the other five men are being fast tracked through the justice system with many calling for their immediate execution if found […]