Need For Japanese Translation Services

Over decades, Japanese language translation has registered a rising demand most especially when it comes to technical translationsand automotive translations. Japan is an island nation in East Asia located in the Pacific. It is well known for its large industrial capacity notably the automotive industry-Toyota which is one of the world’s largest carmaker. Japan is ranked the second largest producer and exporter of automobiles in the world. This presents a meritorious need of Japanese translation. Besides that japan is a shelter to video-game companies necessitating the need for Japanese video- game translation services. The increased investment of china in Latin America is compelling Japan to extend its horizons to Latin […]

The Need and Rise of Russian Translation Services

While English rules the internet as the universal language, there has been a significant increase in the use of other languages on the web. The research done earlier in 2013 by W3Techs found a number of non English websites rapidly increasing. The research established that German and Russian languages were occupying 6.0 percent each on the web.  Among other popular languages that were found to be used on frequent basis included; Chinese, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Spanish. Among these languages, Russian is said to be increasing at a faster rate. “The report late in October 2013 by the ministry of Russian Federation revealed that Russianhad become the second most popular internet language among […]

What is composed of a good translation agency?

While it is logical to take your business to an international level, you will be surprised to find that many companies forget the fact that international business is multilingual in nature. Conducting international business in exclusively one language only leaves on the bottom of your competitors who in contrast of you support the use of Multilanguage technique of doing business Regardless of whether you’re a well established company or a micro growing business, you definitely need to use the services of a translation agency. When you test the sweetness of success in business through the use of language translation services, you become fully informed that using top quality translation services […]

Translation and Interpreting Services to Improve Language Access by all New Yorkers

In an effort to improve language access, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office institutes a new policy which allows, interpretation andtranslation assistance to be provided for individuals with limited English proficiency when need arises. The announcement was made on Tuesday by General Eric Schneiderman the state Attorney. In his statement, the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said “Equal justice under law requires that all New Yorkers have access to the important public safety services provided by law enforcement agencies, regardless of their language ability”. The Attorney further stated that; “Through adoption of a comprehensive language access policy, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office now stands as a model for other law enforcement agencies […]

The Relevance of Translation Services in the Manufacturing Industry

The operation of multinational companies in various countries is increasing day by day across the world. Lots of big companies are having their products manufactured in other countries because of the profitability. However there is often a challenge in penetrating into the market and getting in touch with people to work with due to language barriers. Learning a language takes time and dedication, not to mention a certain level of talent. However, you may not have the time to study another language, much less several languages for multinational sourcing. This is definitely where the need of translation services in the manufacturing sector comes in. For you to set and operate […]

What You Need to Know About Medical Translation

Medical translation and interpreting services presents its own set of challenges. Wherever you are in the world, you face the likelihood of becoming sick and needing medical attention. As a result, you may find yourself needing to have medical documents translated, whether as matters of emergency or as part of an organized localization. As a result, you will then need to look for a professional translation agency that offers the best quality medical translation services in order to meet your translation demands. Medical translation is one of the fields that require too much attention as it deals with matters concerning life. One has to be very careful when translating medical […]

Quality Interpreter from KL Translations Ltd

The global economy is so dynamic with different issues emerging on a daily basis; the continuing language problems are necessitating the increasing need of quality interpretation services. The role of an interpreter plays a key note in the communication flow; more rampantly to the ethnic minorities across the world. The interpreters do more than just language conversion but in particular command knowledge in the industry of interest. Different interpreters posses different skills basing on the field of specialization and therefore can perform different kinds of interpretation. Medical interpreters for example command proficient knowledge in the medical terminology as the court interpreters command profound knowledge in the legal terminology. The role […]

Why Women Are More Bilingual Than Men

Today as we all know that women are good at language, we want to focus on why females are most likely to be bilingual than their male counterparts. In this article, I will share my own experience and observation as well as the popular findings of other researchers. Women as leaders of change in a monolingual setting In the field of language, the role of gender in language change has expanded, researched and discussed by many scholars. According to McConnell-Ginet 2003, broadest generalization is that women are the leaders of change in monolingual settings. In his study, Naomi 2013 found out that women played a leading role in a change […]

Certified Translation-Careers

There is a massive demand for certified translators in the age of advanced internet technologies and global business expansion.  A qualified translator will want to receive full certification in order to fulfill their career ambitions. With the economy being as unpredictable as it is, organisations are trying to invest in translation services carefully – using their budget wisely to achieve the best results. The one question that always arises is “Are your translators certified to do the job?” Many agencies offer certified translation services, but arguably the effectiveness of translation depends more on the level of translator’s experience rather than any other factor. For this reason, linguists should take into […]

Medical Translation is Not for Machines

Never is it wise to rely on machine translations. Especially when it comes to translations concerning specialised industries, there is no substitute for a translator with a high level of expertise in the relevant field, and no finer example of this exists than in medical translation. Firstly you have to consider the same rules that apply to any sort of translation. It’s always so much more than a matter of doing things word by word, as is the tendency of machine translations. The exact message and sentiments of a text have to be maintained, requiring a native translator who understands the subtle nuances and colloquialisms of the target language. Medical translation […]