Language in the Field Of Sports

By definition sports is referred to as an activity involving a physical use of energy and skill to perform a particular task normally competition against each other. It is also a form of entrainment Sports, like music is referred to as a universal language because people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages and geographical locations come together for competitions in ‘alanguage’ they all understand best. Sports are physical ability with a collective or organised participation. This means that though the participants are strangers, when the sport begins participants are no longer strangers since they all know what and how to do it. Because of the common rules and regulations in sports, […]

How to be understood easily using Sign language

I laugh out loud whenever I remember the infamous sign language interpreter at the late Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa’s burial. He was to be doing something totally different from that which he was paid to do; sign language interpretation. Many are ignorant when it comes to sign language. We take it for granted that people who know sign language speak the same gestures or signs globally to mean the same thing. Actually sign language is not the same world over. It is just like me and him speak different languages. Yes, sign language is similar compared the rest of the languages but still it shouldn’t be an […]

How misinterpretation of weather can cost you.

No need to look at the clouds now days to ascertain whether it will rain, shine, be windy or not. This is done by forecasters on almost every news channel or news hour. Forget about the few weather forecasters who totally mess up our days when they foretell lies; it will shine, then end up with the rude reality the next day when we are soaked in rain. Weather forecasting is therefore very important in the running of our day to day lives and businesses in particular. Simply because you will know when to transport your merchandise, without the interruption of rain or the traffic jam that comes with rain […]

The Evolution of Languages

Before we begin, first and foremost, it is critical to accept the fact that language is a far too wide and vague topic for anyone to say anything sensible about, if you disagree, I would have liked to hear your opinion after you read this article. It is a long standing argument that proclaims evolution of language to have seized, going along the fact that so has, to all intents and purposes, human evolution. A handful, with fingers to spare claim humans are still evolving and so is the dynamic complexity of language. One can only get muffled in an already confused field. To have a grip without falling off […]

How Internet Has Simplified Business: A Look At Business In The Days Without Internet and Current Days With Internet.

How Internet Has Simplified Business: A Look At Business In The Days Without Internet and Current Days With Internet.

Who takes the lead! Internet or traditional methods? At my early age while still in my infant stages of education I loved to read story books especially those starting with a statement; ” once upon  a time there lived a man………..” I enjoyed to learn how things used to happen in the past and compared them with the current situation and that was pretty interesting.   I would like to bring to you the story of business in the early 1950s where internet was nonexistent. Much as my existence on the planet earth was not thought of then, documented literature clearly tells what it was all about. Business men in […]

International Business Etiquette

He walked into a Japanese company with a scheduled appointment with the executives. He was asked to remove his shoes despite the fact we are in the modern era, and the guest renounced the request. He was ‘given the pink slip,’ and denied the meeting. It’s embarrassing when no deference is displayed for somebody else’s customs and it irks more when you blow a million dollar deal out of arrogance and ignorance. Besides the narration of how this meeting with the Japanese company (Toyota) executives was denied. I am simply awe-struck and I deeply admire the culture embodied in the Japanese that they transpire in business and professionalism as well. […]

Translation and entertainment: let’s give credit where it’s due.

Just like after any long day, you would probably hit the gym, kick it with a few friends, head for your night lecture andlater on, with a case of insomnia, you would preferably use your ‘free time’ and catch up on that amazing book, 10 pages in every day and finally, I like to waft off and have forty-winks into this blockbuster or collection of series episodes. Translation isn’t heeded as a vital service;it could be because it’s not so obvious for one to understand how to make commercial provision of the service so forthright. Watching this motion picture got me awe-struck with the story and details, and I imagined […]

Language And Global Business

Globalisation once a myth is now a living reality and an aspect of society today. From the arts and creations by maestros of their time; Michelangelo, Da Vinci, we get to witness their ideas and creations practiced in many aspects of the world of the 21st Century. From the first flight by the Wright brothers to the concord flights, journeys that would last months at sea to journeys that only last a whiff of a second. We are now currently able to actually GLOBALISE. The ability to share information across the world through language translation is phenomenon, and yes I do mean across the world no matter the eccentric dynamic […]

Translation and Language Barrier

It is an evangelic mission to sit in front of my laptop, write and share, communicate with you, because I cannot imagine a world where we are not able to correspond or be in touch with ourselves and share our experience with another. Am sure if you took half a minute to think about it, the thought would reduce some to tears. The idea of looking at your loved ones like a blank canvas without an expression on your face or eyes, but deep down you are ravaging with emotion. How would we let a doctor know that we are in pain if we cannot communicate in the same language? […]

”Spewing Up Buffalos”! −Is it English or Uglish?

A “detoother” or a “dentist” is a gold-digger looking for a wealthy partner, “spewing out buffalos” means you can’t speak proper English; a ‘side-dish’ certainly isn’t something served by a waiter but rather someone’s mistress, Benching is a University slang meaning to drop by on someone you may have a romantic interest in and ”a campuser” is a University student. The above phrases are just some of the examples that you will come across in the new evolved Uglish dictionary in Uganda. Uglish is a new form of English that has been adopted by Ugandans influenced mostly by Luganda language and other local languages This perhaps looks funny and strange English […]