Over decades, Japanese language translation has registered a rising demand most especially when it comes to technical translations and automotive translations.

Japan is an island nation in East Asia located in the Pacific. It is well known for its large industrial capacity notably the automotive industry-Toyota which is one of the world’s largest car maker. Japan is ranked the second largest producer and exporter of automobiles in the world. This presents a meritorious need of Japanese translation. Besides that japan is a shelter to video-game companies necessitating the need for Japanese video- game translation services.

The increased investment of china in Latin America is compelling Japan to extend its horizons to Latin America as well.  While attending the U.N General Assembly, the Japanese premier Shinzo Abe held a summit with Juan Carlos Varela the Panamanian President. Among the major tenets they discussed was the participation of Japanese companies in expansion projects at the Panama Canal. International Cooperation Bank of Japan currently provides a portion of the finance needed for the expansion of the canal. Much as Takako Ito, the director of the Ministry’s international press division denies the claims that Japan intends to wage a massive competition with China in Latin America, the need for Japanese translation services cannot be overlooked especially technical documents, marketing coupons and Japanese websites

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A year ago, japan became an onlooker of the Latin American trade bloc-the Pacific Alliance (PA) that embodies Chile, Peru and Columbia. The communication Kobayashi indicates that Japan aims at forging more diplomatic relationships with Americas since they are missing much greater opportunities these counties.

During the visit of Japanese premier to Latin America, a delegation of 70 Japanese business executives accompanied him to three of the top destinations of Japanese investments in Latin America. These countries included Brazil with over 577Japanese companies, Mexico which shelters around 544 Japanese companies and Chile with about 83 Japanese companies.

The leading automotive and auto parts industry in Japan is said to be focusing on Mexico. This has been as a result of the Mexican reform in the petroleum industry. “There is a possibility of Japanese companies providing oil and shale gas technologies to Mexico and on the other hand Mexico can supply LNG to Japan” said Abe

Besides it harboring 1.6 million residents of Japanese descent, Brazil’s planned infrastructural projects; manufacturing, natural resources, deep-sea petroleum potential as well as its automotive sector are compelling Japan to focus in Brazil.