The Ayo family is an example of thousands of Syrian refugees trying to make a living in the foreign countries they run away to from the ongoing bombings and killings back in their home country. Ayo’s family has only her pictures on their phones which they look at with tears flowing from their eyes.

Medical translations

The Ayo family in the United Kingdom without 14 year old Sozdar who passed away before they moved.

Apparently they were denied access to the United Kingdom by the Turkish government, where their daughter should have had a chance of a heart transplant. Though the family is now granted asylum in the UK, it came somehow later than it was needed to save their daughter’s life. It should be noted that the Ayo family is originally from Syria too.

Medical Translations

14 year old Sozdar Ayo passed away from heart failure before her family had a chance to move to the UK.

Language Barrier Brings The Need For Medical translations

Could miscommunications brought about by language barrier have delayed Sozdar’s acceptance to the UK by Turkish authorities?

When you come to look at it, different languages are used in both Syria and Turkey and may be the Ayo parents struggled to explain the plight of their daughters condition if she didn’t get urgent medical attention. Languages spoke in Syria include; a variety of Arabic dialects, Aramaic, Kurdish as the most spoken which are some how different from those in Turkey.

It is however not only Syrians facing challenges when it comes to Medical translation services. There are hundreds of cases of people who are flown across borders for their medical complications that cannot be handled well or at all in their home countries.

While for some it is just a luxury and can therefore afford being flown over seas for things like child delivery or cosmetic surgeries, to others it is a matter of life and death and any slight delay could put their lives in harm’s way.

Well, be it a mere cosmetic surgery for a rich president’s daughter, or kidney transplant for a peasant’s child in a foreign country, one thing all have in common is that they may be going to a country whose languages are very different from their own.

Why Medical Translations Are Needed

Interpreters and translators are vital when it comes to medical conditions that have been referred to foreign countries and should be taken very seriously. This is because when in a country of a foreign language everything will need to be translated or interpreted for effective communication to place.

Usually the sick are accompanied by care takers who are relatives in most cases. These need to be explained to how to correctly nurse the patient before and after the surgeries to avoid fatal conditions. This can only be done if one is explained to in a language they understand and know best.

But hospitals have professional nurses, one may argue. Yes they do but there are relatives who are always with the patient and if not explained to effectively the dos and don’ts, then trouble might surface. For example, administering medication at the wrong time as a result of language barrier.

Medical Translation Services Needed Include;

  • Pharmaceutical translations
  • Pharmaceutical guidelines
  • Medical equipment manuals
  • Clinical reports and studies

By Angela Kyolaba

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